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  • Murphy

    Are ya still around?

    Written any books yet?

    Remember the thread about killing deer with a 45 acp? Well I've switched to a H&k USP in 40S&W. The first 100 rounds through the gun were pie plate plus size groups at 25 yards. 3000 rounds, a butt load of dry firing and a trigger job later and I'm getting groups that are closer to 2-3 inches at the same distance.

    Season starts dec 2nd and I'm primed! I figure I'm good to 50 yards.

    Will let you know how it goes!


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    He's been MIA for several weeks now. Hope things are going well with him.


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      Don't Pay the Ransom...

      I'm not worth it!

      I have was rough for a while, but there was only nine of 'em all.

      I've been looking over some posts but was not where I could respond. My compliments to this crew, you've all done very well and been quite civil. We run a tight ship here, proud of everyone dern one of ya'.

      Allen, I think I was missing "out" of action.

      EKC, I was, for a few days, in you corner of the world, the corn fields of northwest Iowa. Not many pheasants, but lots of good deer up there. You're more south central, my guess, right. In Brownell's back yard! Good luck with the forty, you're getting better.

      I did a little white tail huntin' with my grandson. He's eight and not a very big guy, but he carrried his little CZ 527, 7.62x39 carbine around all day long. We saw lots of deer but they were on the move too much for him to get a shot. Maybe next year.

      Anyway, it's good to be back, I'll try to answer those specific questions asked of me. I do have some winter projects that should keep me busy, the first would be a heater for my chronograph!
      Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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