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  • Browning BOSS System

    Looking for some feedback on the BOSS system that comes on some of Brownings rifles. I have the chance to buy one at a really great price and it has the BOSS system on it. I know what the purpose of the BOSS is but just wanted to hear some opinions from hunters who have used rifles that have it. Thanks.

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    If you can get one I would highly recommend it... My Dad has one on his rifle and has used it as his main hunting rifle for years... his shot groups are consistently 3/4" at 200 yards, absolutely makes a difference in my opinion, takes a bit of tinkering to get it right on, but worth it!


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      I like them. You can tune the barrel to the load instead of tuning the load to the barrel. I would say they are great for someone who just wants to shoot factory ammo. Lots of people don't like the muzzle blast off of the brake, they sell a blank that goes in place of it, I put the blank on when I'm hunting.
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        I have a Winchester with the BOSS made when they first came out. The bottom line on the BOSS is that it works, but you need to decide if it is worth it or not for you. It does extend past the barrel about 2.5-3", it's rather heavy for a muzzle break, and it is louder than most muzzle breaks. My .300 with the BOSS is the most accurate factory rifle I have owned, and my buddy has a 7mm Remington w/BOSS that is just as accurate. That being said, I am contemplating cutting it off and recrowning the barrel just for weight savings and having a more compact, handier rifle. I am a handloader also, so the benefits are not as great to me.
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          Boss Rules

          I have the 300WSM for 5 years now. The best!! Tight groups and best of all the muzzel blast clears the shooting range so you can have it all to your self. I tried the BOSS without the recoil reduction vents and it nearly took my shoulder off. I would rather be deaf then have a bruised shoulder. My 300WSM has 24 whitetails, 1 bobcat, 2 coyotes, and 1 dall ram without a miss or wound. On browning website they have suggested BOSS settings. Most are right on for your specific bullet. Right now the winchester ACCUBONDS are the best.


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            boss question

            Does the savage Model 116FHSAK have the boss system you are talking about or is that just a muzzle brake. If not then how much would it cost to have one installed?


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