Stainless one piece bases and Rings?



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  • Stainless one piece bases and Rings?

    I like the idea of one piece bases and rings like the Talley LW's. The Kimber MT is going off to get magnaported next week and when she gets back I'm going switch to the Talleys unless I can find something in stainless. Does anyone make stainless one piece bases and rings?
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    I opted for the matte dual dovetails.When Leupold actually makes silver bases in DD, I'll switch them out.


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      Snyd those Talleys are the bomb, what some guys do to make the Talleys stainless in color is have amachine shop sand blast them. They come out almost the exact same color as the Stainless of the barreled action. Takes ajust a couple minutes to get the black off. Just a tip.


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        You could also have the base Duracoated matte silver. I hear there is a place in Anchorage that will do it. You would just have to make sure the inside of the rings doesn't get any on it.

        I have Talleys on all of my T/C Encore barrels except for a couple of the rifle barrels that needed to have the scope farther forward for eye relief. They are excellent. The one on my .375 H&H barrel has held up to a little of 200 full handloads without any movement.
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          Talley's are excellent regardless of style. I would recommend checking the archives in that some have had problems with metric vs. std screw threads for the Kimbers. If I remember correctly they also utilize 8 x 40 screws vs the more common 6 x 48 size. Two piece rings/bases usually are lighter than one piece steel bases, make it easier to load in a hurry, and b/o reversibilty of some models have better flexibility for adjusting eye relief...esp. with mag's and small light scopes...from my perspective.


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            See mine at ...

            They are made from Titanium , nothing but the best !
            The bases are 2 pieces style, but the "bridge" is one piece and made from solid Titanium, suitable for rail-scopes like Zeiss and Swarovski... Weighting slightly more than 3 ounces the whole setup...

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