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Scope for my New Savage .375 H&H

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  • Scope for my New Savage .375 H&H

    On Friday I bought a New Savage 116 Alaskan Guide .375 H&H in Rapid City, South Dakota for about $614.00 out the door with tax and everything. I am thinking about outfitting it with a nice scope, I've been reading the various forums of what people have used, I don't know how hot I am on the Leupold VXIII 1.5-5 listed below. Although I want a decent scope, I want to keep it below $500 or so. I was just wondering what other people have used and have had sucess with? I will mainly be hunting Elk in heavy timber, I might be moving to South Africa next year, and continune to big game hunt down there. Just would like some input from you guys.


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    I handled one of those rifles and they are pretty **** light! Have you shot it yet? What's the recoil like?

    For scopes, you can't go wrong with a Leupold VX-III 1.75-6. Check them out.


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      I have a Leupold 2-7 VX-II on my .375 H&H but my wife has a Leupold 2.5-8 VXIII on her .30-06 and I think I would go with that one if I had the choice to do it again on my .375.
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        Some people look at max magnification as the primary importance. I consider the minimum magnification first. Big guns don't need big magnification. I won't be taking a 600 yard shot with a 375. I may be taking a 60 foot shot. I have a 1.5x5 on my 375 and love it. I have a 2.5x8 on my 270 and feel the same way. I wouldn't consider either of those scopes appropriate on the other guns.

        Your anticipated range of shot should determine your scope. I don't have a 375 to take long shots. That's my opinion. Nothing more.


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          Originally posted by Matt View Post
          I handled one of those rifles and they are pretty **** light! Have you shot it yet? What's the recoil like?

          For scopes, you can't go wrong with a Leupold VX-III 1.75-6. Check them out.
          Recoil isnt too bad, Its a fun gun so far, just put a few shells through it, nothing serious yet...


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            scope and recoil

            I have the VX-III 1.5 to 5 on my Alaskan Guide. I've only run a couple boxes through it, but I like the setup. I haven't decided if I like the rifle or not. I have a .338 savage that is fine, but the .375 doesn't seem to be nearly as nice an action. Savage must have flimsy quality control.
            As to recoil, I think that package rocks. It's WAY worse than my .338, to the point that my .338 feels like a pop gun compared to the .375. I might have to get a .416 just to get used to the whallop.
            However, I'd really like to get to where this .375 is my "go to" rifle. Short, light, handy, and powerful. What else do you need?


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              I also bought a Savage 116 Alaska Guide model, due to needing a larger caliber for a Kodiak bear hunt. Put a 1.5 to 5 Leopold with quick disconnect rings. Started working up some loads and man does the gun shoot straight. Less than 1 moa at 100 yds. But I don't like the action and finish of the gun. Also it seems to rust faster than any of my other stainless guns. I do like the light weight and short barrel. As for shooting at the range I install a slip on limb saver pad.


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                I also have a Savage 116 that I won at a RMEF banquet a couple years ago. Looks the same as the one in the pic. What is the Alaskan Guide model? Not sure if mine is the same, but it was a PITB to find bases for my 116. Seems the rear part of the reciever is flat when just about every other Savage model has is rounded. To get 2 piece Leopold rings to mount, I had to find Redfield bases. It was a big pain.
                Back to the thread topic...I put a Nikon Monarch UCC 3x9x40 on mine. I think I paid low 300s for it. I have only shot it at the range a few times, but like the scope. I do agree with the idea that you base it on your shooting distances. I really wanted a 2.5x8, but couldn't find one and wanted to get the gun scoped and sighted in for the fall bear season. Living in Kodiak doesn't give you many choices when it comes to accessories!

                Nunya: how is the slip on recoil pad? I have tried them in the past, but don't like the way they slide around.


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                  .375 scope

                  If that is going to be your main rifle take a hard look at a Leupold 1.75x 6 by 32 mm. A tough and light weight scope that has alot of eye relief. I have a 1.5x 5 Leupold on my old Mod. 70 .375 but it is not my primary hunting rifle. If I was doing most of my hunting with a .375 that would be my top choice.


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                    Scope question

                    Since we are on the subject of scopes I have a quick question. What is a good online resource for matching scope size with a certain rifle caliber given a specific shot range. I currently own a 7mm remmag and use it for for all of my big game hunting and am looking for a scope that will fit all of my needs. Thanks.


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                      leupold 2.5 x 8 for prob the best all round scope

                      for the 375: either a leupold 1.5 x 5 or 1.75 x 6 (or similar power premium scope)-best rings and bases....depends on personal preference, the gun, scope, intended purpose, past experience, etc.,etc.

                      my $0.02
                      "Actions speak louder than words - 'nough said"


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                        Trent's daddy, I've got a 7mm Rem Mag that I have used all over the U.S. and in a couple other places. If there's no chance of a big bear, this is the rifle I take. I put a 3x9x40 Leupold on it and its been just the ticket for this caliber. I've taken some long caribou shots with it and some short bear shots and it has served me very well. The 2.5x8 would be my personal second choice.


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                          Originally posted by Ak Steve View Post
                          However, I'd really like to get to where this .375 is my "go to" rifle. Short, light, handy, and powerful. What else do you need?
                          Open sights that you could actually use would be nice.... The stock design on this rifle is high and is meant for a scope. That's fine I guess, but it makes the sights nearly useless. If I mash my cheekbone against the stock I can almost align the sights. If I shot the gun like that I'm quite sure it would result in very severe pain if not broken facial bones. As for the scope, I'd mount Burris' 1.75-5 Signature series scope on it. The glass quality and scope durability can't be beat -- even by Leupold. I think it runs about $320 at Sportsman's. Having said that, you wouldn't be wrong to put Leupold's VXII 1-4x or VXIII 1.5-5 on it either. All three would be good choices in a dangerous game scope, imho.


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                            FOV is Paramount

                            I have a couple leupold VXII 1X4 and I love them. The VXIII 1.5X5 is also a great scope. If i was going to bya new low power scope for under $500 I would look at the Burris Euro Diamon 1x4. The Burris has considerable greater FOV.

                            Leupold VXIII 1.5X5 FOV @ 100yd 65.7feet

                            Burris Euro Dimond 1X4 FOV @ 100yd 109 feet

                            Thats a big diffrence in the thick stuff. Burris also has posi lock that is nice on hard kickers.

                            I'm puting the Buriss on soon to be new 375 Ruger.

                            Good Luck
                            DR B


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                              Monarch Gold?

                              Would a 1.5-5x42 monarch gold be a good option?

                              That is a lot of field of view even if it is a little heavy ...


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