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  • Stainless Colt .44

    Anyone had any experience with the Colt .44 mag? Found one the other day that's pretty intriguing. 6" stainless, appears to be a Python on steroids.
    Thinking I might have to pick the thing up, even if it would end up being a 'Hangar Queen".

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    I got an "Anaconda" and love it. The most accurate pistol I have. Easy to shoot and control. I'm not a good pistol shot and was hitting fist sized targets at 25+ yds with ease. If it is the regular model in avg condition should go for approx $600.


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      I've never heard anything bad about them at all. I think they were much more expensive and a good bit heavier than a M-29. And they came out with them late, well after Dirty Harry made the 44M famous. So there aren't as many out there, I don't think they are rare - just not as many as the M29 or SBH.
      Most folks that I've talked to that had them are like Driggy - nice guns!
      There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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        Colt Anaconda

        I have a 4" stainless that I carry religously. Pretty smooth action right out of the box. It also shoots accurate. I would say that if one does not have one, and they are on the market for a 44, this would be a good one to get.



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          This one's been on the shelf with no interest for a month at $525 asking. I'll have to see what it'll take to bring it home.
          Looks to have been packed in a holster some, the grips show some scuffing, but the metal's about perfect.


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            VERY good price for an Anaconda from what I've seen!
            Vance in AK.

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