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Thompson Center G2 in 375 JDJ

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  • Thompson Center G2 in 375 JDJ

    Do any of you have any experience in shooting the 375 JDJ out of a contender/G2 handgun, and could you compare the recoil to a 44mag.

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    The friend's I shot was 14", ported and scoped. That all shifted the balance and weight considerably compared to a 44 revolver. I was more aware of recoil back into my hand than with a 44, though muzzle jump was considerably tamed. If you can handle the recoil of a 44 or anything along those lines or heavier, it probably won't be an issue for you so long as the impact back into your hand isn't an issue. I found it to be a lot of fun to shoot offhand in sort of a modified Weaver stance with my grip arm flexed slightly and my off-hand reached forward to grab the fore grip. Accurate as can be and the recoil was much less noticeable than a 44 in a conventional Weaver. Shooting in a Creadmore field position was dead easy and prone across a daypack was a dream.
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      Thanks, I have shot the 44 mag. alot and can handel the recoil well, I also have shot a friends 454 and was able to shoot it acuratly in the double action mode, but haven't shot the 375 JDJ. I don't know if the G2 in 375JDJ with a 14" barrel comes ported and how much differance that would make. I think this package would make for a great oportunity gun when you are not really hunting but hikeing/ scouting etc. and didn't want to pack a rifle.


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        375 jdj Recoil

        I'VE shot and own the encore in 375 jdj which weighs a bit more than the contender, no brake. Also own a contender in 45 70 ss super 16 with a brake installed. I like the contender, lighter, and the trigger is so much nicer than the encore out of the box! Recoil is stout much more than any 44 mag that I have fired, say with 300 grain loads but is controlable with practice.If I had to pick one I would take the contender. Hope this helps. Bill.
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