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MilSurp .308?

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  • MilSurp .308?

    One of the reasons often given for a .308 is the cheap Milsurp ammo.

    Where can I buy some?
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    I can't remeber the name, Ammo something, in the strip mall on the corner of Dimond and C street, next to the Village Inn. I was in there about three weeks ago and they had a lot of mil surplus ammo of different calibers.


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      Thanks, Bill. I'll look next time I'm in da big city.

      Can it be bought mail order or on the net and still be reasonable (cheap) with shipping and hazmat?
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        Yeap but getting it shipped seems to becoming a problem.

        What ever happened to place on Tudor (in Los Anchorage) that had case lots of ammo?

        The business was originally in the owners garage and they moved into a strip mall...

        Considering what happened in the recent election, it will be interesting to see if fear of new restrictive legislation causes bulk ammo sales jump up for the next couple years...

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          The place on Tudor, in the strip mall just west of Lake Otis is still there. I didn't think of that one but its also an alternative. I haven't been in there in a long time. Ammo King?


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            Ammo King - Relocation

            They moved the store up onto Boniface, north of DeBarr. It's on the right side of the road in a strip mall before you get to the onramp to the Glenn - just before the Tesoro station. Hope this helps ...


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              milspec ammo

              Don't stock up on "surplus" .308 (7.62 nato) until you test fire some through your rifle.
              There are some minor differences in case dimension from what I understand although I don't exactly what, I believe it may be rim thickness for one.
              I own a Military style rifle in 7.62 nato/.308 win, as well as my Savage 99C in .308
              I can attest that the military stuff does not function well through my savage. It chambers okay but absolutely sticks the action closed after firing. It takes a good rap to open it. Switching back to commercial stuff it works smooth as silk.
              I have also made the mistake of stocking up, before firing for any type of accurancy. Some of it is okay and some is barely worth firing.... So if you have the chance shoot a box first....

              ciao y'all

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                milsurp 308



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                  It looks like Aimsurplus does not carry 308 and is around $.50 per round. I gotta get set up to reload.

                  What is an approximate cost per round for 308 ammo with a cup/core boolit?
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                    There is always, Although, I do not recommend shooting a lot of it, it messed up my Mauser 95, I prefer Winchester 170 grain Silver Tips


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