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    i just bought a lyman turbo twin case tumbler and its a 220v model i didnt know this when i bought it but the plug on the thing just has to big prongs! is there any way to convert or by a converter for this plug assembley???

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    Go to Browns electric (or another electrical supply store up there) and show them what you need to plug in to and what you have. Sometimes there are adapters to make the transition. Worst case, change out the receptacle or plug end to match the other.

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      Case Tumbler


      Expect plug in adapter will only deliver 1/2 the voltage you need to drive the tumbler. Performance would probably be poor, if it runs at all. Possible may even damage unit to try. There may be a step up transformer unit on the market, that will suit to step the voltage up but I'll bet it will cost more than you'll want to lay out for it. Try the internet under voltage converters for European to North American. (see below) Be sure to select a converter that will handle the power (wattage) requiremets of the unit with some to spare.

      Best suggestio:
      If you just bought it new, best not to mess around. Return to your dealer and get the North american version or, save it in case you get a European posting to a country where 220 is the normal at outlets.


      Reverse Converters

      Reverse Converters use step up transformers to increase 110-120 volt North American electricity to match the 220-240 volts needed by foreign appliances. Model V4R U. L. Listed Reverse Converter: Designed for continuous use with 220-240 volt motorized, electronic, or heating appliances rated 40 watts or less.


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        If it's not something you can return, see if you can find an apropriate outlet in the house. Is there a plug-in for an electric clothes dryer? That should be 220. If you have a garage is there a 220 outlet out there? JWB implies that you are military & may be mnoving reguraly, but if you own your home it might not be too expensive to get a single 220 outlet put in close to the breaker box. There are a couple of different styles of plugs for 220 but as Mud said, those you can change.
        The reverse converter is probably a fine option too.
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          Return it and get a 110. You'll spend more adding a 220V circuit than the tumbler costs.
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            Didn't read your post well enough. There is no adapter to go from 220 to 110. You will need to install a 220 outlet like for an electric clothes dryer or oven (you may already have one for a welder in your garage). Sometimes 220V devices have an option to rewire for 110V. You may check out the owners manual and see if this is an option then it is just a matter of changing the cord for the rewire.

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              You have two options here, one take it back and get a 110v, or buy a 110V base for it. Lyman makes two bases for that model, a 110v and a 220v. They run $35.00 for either one. Unlike some appliances that have a transformer with seperate taps, and/or switch to change the voltage, these do not. Their motors are voltage specific.

              Here's the listing for the two models;

              Turbo Twin Tumblers
              Twin Tumbler (110v) $79.95
              Twin Tumbler (230v) $85.00

              Base units for the above;

              Tumbler Replacement Base 1200 110 Volt $35.00
              Tumbler Replacement Base 1200 230 Volt $35.00

              Hope that helps



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