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    OK, I found where I had seen 35 Newton brass available. Graf and Sons has it in their current catalog. It is being produced by Jamison. Any thoughts on the caliber or Jamison brass? As I said in my previous post, I can't really think of a good reason why I would need one of these, except that it is something different that might be fun to build and play with.
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    35 Newton

    Nothing wrong with the 35 Newton other than rarity of brass and having to come up with the correct dies. My preferences have always favored non-belted magnums and the 35 N. fits right in that category. Fairly similar to the 9.3x64 that has been discussed here before. I know nothing about Jamison brass?? But if it's the only game in town... There is plenty of case capacity so no need to hot rod the cartridge anyway and that will be a lot easier on brass. Just be sure to double check with Graf about the availability! Good luck


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      35 Newton/358 Ruger!?......

      I second what George has to say and will add.
      Jamison makes good brass, the make Dakota brass and for odd/old caliers.

      The Newton case is almost the exact dimensions as the "New" Ruger 375. With minor differences such as a 35 degree shoulder vs 24 for the Newton. Brass can be made for the Newtons from 8X68 brass which doesn't grow on trees.

      I think, unless you just want a Newton, I'd wait and check out the Ruger/Hornady cartridge.

      Cartridge collectors may have some original Western Cartridge ammo for a 30 or 35 Newton, pricey of course but you could check it out better.
      It isn't practical but it was a cer good design from long ago. That was what Americans should have built our magnum cartridges on.
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