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  • Spike TV Casting.

    This may be a long shot, but do any of you know of someone who's been shot, and removed the bullet themselves, (without medical assiastance)?. I'm a producer on a new show for Spike TV, and I need to interview someone who's has a survival story about removing a bullet themselves. Please let me know if you are that person, or can refer me to such a person. Contact me at gallivancasting @ yahoo . com


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    Spike TV?

    Spike TV???

    Oh yea I remember the station. It is the one that quit showing hunting and fishing shows because of pressure from animal rights people.

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      Medically there is no reason what-so-ever in needing to remove a bullet for survival. Pulling a bullet is just hollywood lore from the days of B Westerns. As an EMT I have worked on a couple GSW patients, once the bullet remained in the body, the second was a complete passthrough. On the patient with the bullet in the body (upper thigh) they stated that they couldn't even feel the bullet remaining.

      Good luck with your search, but I believe it will be fruitless (pointless)
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        Hey! Didn't I read somewhere that Rick Sinnot(sp) get shot while driving around Anchorage and the Docs left the bullet in his leg cause it would more damage getting it out?
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          The one time I was shot I ejected the bullet by piXXing my pants when it entered. The act of piXXing caused the bullet to be forcibly ejected out the back of my calf, didn't even slow down.
          Does that get me on TV????
          There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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            Gallivan, most of the guns we shoot up here wont stay in a human! Do know of a guy that was shot in bar right here in Fbks and they left I think it was two .38's and one 9mm in him cuz it would have done more harm to remove them. But no hero self-surgery was done.


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              I removed a bullet from my pocket once..it didn't hurt at all though...


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