338 win mag for Brown Bear



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  • Float Pilot
    Sounds like a great load.
    Some folks get carried away with the MEGA-MAGNUM stuff....
    Your 338 Win Mag with that bullet and load will do anything you need with a proper shot.

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  • fuzzybear
    started a topic 338 win mag for Brown Bear

    338 win mag for Brown Bear

    I am currently getting ready for a 2007 spring brown bear hunt in the bristol bay area of alaska. I am using a 338 win mag. My outfitter prefers the 375 H&H or the 338 Ultra mag, however, he said the 338 win mag will do. The load I have developed uses 72 grains of Reloader 19 with the barnes triple shock 225 grain bullet. I am getting excellent groups (1 -1 1/4 inch) with a muzzle velocity of 2875 ft/sec. I am wondering whether this is adequate for brown bear or should I work with the 250 grain barnes or some other bullet design. Based on ballistic charts, I don't see a great increase in energy with the 250 grain bullet and its trajectory is not as flat as the 225 grain bullet. With the barnes, it seems that velocity may be more important than bullet weight.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as I am just a little concerned that I am "under gunned" for these big bears. Yet, I really like the 338 win and I feel comfortable shooting it. Ballastically, the 375 doesn't really impress me (especially beyond 150 yards) and I feel that my handloads get me pretty close the the performance of factory 338 ultramag loads?????

    Please advise.


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