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  • 35 whelen in progress

    I just got my barreled action back and so far its not looking that bad. its in the white, cuz, I'm still fitting it to the stock. basically its a VZ-24 action, mark II safety, timney trigger, 22" shillen #4, hinged floorplate, and D&T'd with bases, also the bolt handle has been bent for scope use. The stock still needs alot of work but I got it rough finished (inletted) so WWG can test fire it. So far I'm into it for about $600 and I cant complain so far.

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    Newfoundland moose w/ Model 700 CDL .35 Whelen

    Just got back (about three weeks ago) from my first moose hunt. Loved the performance of my .35 Whelen.

    Nosler Custom Ammunition 250gr Nosler Partition @ 2550fps - hit with (2) 250gr Nosler partitions @ 200 yards made quarter size entrance and exit wounds. Shot him running, first one hit and he started to slow and wobble, 2nd one dumped him. I'd post a picture, but he looks pretty dinky compared to the moose you guys shoot up there.


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