T/C Muzzle Brakes?????



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  • T/C Muzzle Brakes?????

    How good are the factory T/C muzzle brake's???

    I am going to be ordering a custom encore barrel soon and looking at my options on a brake ...

    thanks ...

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    T/C's muzzle breaks

    I have 2 contender pistol barrels with them on. A 7-30 waters that really doesn't need it but it keeps muzzle jump down. I also have a 14" 445 supermag that does need it. The Contender is a fairly light gun and it keeps the recoil managable. This barrel pushes a 270gr bullet just under 2000fps. If you are getting a hard kicking pistol caliber it may be worth it. I would not get one if you are looking at rifle barrels though. I have hunted with these pistol barrels without ear protection and it was not nearly as bad as a revolver.


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      I have also ordered one on a .375H&H. I should have it soon and will report back on how it works. My rig should weigh around 7lbs so I hope it works well. If it doesnít Iíll take it to Accuracy Arms in Anchorage (907-346-2304) and have Homer put one on for me. I have one of his on a .300wby mag that has recoil like a .308.
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        I have a TC Muzzle Tamer on a .375 H&H barrel which kicks less than my 7mm Rem Mag barrel. I'd say the .375 is in the .30-06 range with the MT.
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