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Arms engravers in Anchorage

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  • Arms engravers in Anchorage

    Hello all, Does anyone know or have experience with any firearm engravers in Anchorage? I build longrifles but my engraving is pretty horrible. Just looking for someone who can do script on barrels. Thanks for any input. Kyle

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    Old thread revived, but I'm also wondering if anyone can do basic engraving in this town. I have a Speed Six and a Detective Special I want engraved ("Spenard Six" and "Spenard Special"), but the cost of fedexing the things to the lower 48 is enormous.


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      My wifes family owns Double J Jewelry in Wasilla. I know they have engraved names on some rifles before. 376-1000.


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        It is not widely know that we have one of the finest firearms engravers in the country right in Wasilla. James D. White, you can find him in the phone book. Or you can get his contact information from the American Custom Gunmakers Guild web site.

        If you are looking for cheap and fast, in Alaska, your kidding right?
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