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  • 17 hm2

    I am thinking of converting my ruger 10 22 to 17 hm2.
    Has anyone here done this yet?
    problems ?
    Seems like it will be a neet little plinker.
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    Last I heard there were ejection problems from Rugers or any other semi-auto because the pressure curve is so steap and short or some such. Maybe they'ver sorted it out by now. With the reception the 17 HMR has had, you better believe they're trying to sort out the issues!
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      E Arthur Brown

      I got one of their conversion kits a while back, before they had expanded their line. It includes a barrel and a bolt handle as a minimum (the bolt handle compensates for the faster cartridge). I also went with one of the red/grey laminate silhouette stocks.

      The conversion shoots great! I see they now have fluted barrels, which I would get if I were to do it again. I also would NOT go with the silhouette stock unless I were shooting it primarily at targets - the stock is a bit unwieldy for hauling through the woods. It looks cool though.

      I think the fluted conversion kit combined with a Hogue overmolded stock would be the ticket for the bunnies.

      Go for it. Now I wish someone would come up with a 17HM2 version of the Ruger Mk III Hunter!



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