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Kleinguenther K14 Scope Bases

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  • Kleinguenther K14 Scope Bases

    Does anyone have a Kleinguenther K14 scope base for sale or know where to find one?

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    Yes, I know.

    Conetrol makes them and KDF may have some weavers, I know that they had the weavers off my k-14, I will get you some numbers tomorrow, or you can search.


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      K14 Bases

      I called KDF. They say they don't have any bases. Conetrol still makes them. I also l located a base in Texas that is supposed to be sent to me soon. Thank you for the input.


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        you are welcome

        looks like you have it under conetrol.


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          How do you like your K14, Brian? What caliber is it?


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            Love it

            Got the gun off of gun broker for 250.00 because it did not have a clip or a barrel. Sent it down to Phil at KDF in Texas to have him put a Lilja barrel on it make me a new clip, put a recoil reducer in the stock reglass the action and finish it so it could stand Southeast Ak. As you know they imported the guns way back when from Germany and did some of the finish work on them. Its a 375 staying in its wood stock and out of the box put 7 rounds of 250 grain a-frame in 1.5 inches. Play with the load and it could shoot one hole.They are really nice rifles and worth quite a bit more than what you can buy one for if you really look. Phil said he does not sell one for less than 2500.00 if he gets one in the shop to sell.


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              You've got some fine components and Phil is a good man to do the work. As I understand it the Kleinguenther's have the fastest lock time of any bolt action rifle. It's too bad Voere (of Germany) went out of business. I would like to find a K15 or Titan II.


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                keep looking

                I see them around, try


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                  They have my "wish list". I see Kleinguenthers around here at auctions about once a year.


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