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  • Recoil pads

    Whats your exeperience with recoil pads?Which brand and type do you use?

    Good hunting

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    I like the 1" thick packmeyer old english decellerator

    They are a bit heavy, but it's a classy looking pad.

    That said, I use a PAST magnum recoil pad on my shoulder when bench shooting, so the recoil pad is somewhat redundant. I can tollerate much stiffer pads in the field.
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      I also use the Pacmeyer Decellerator pad on my 7mm rem mag and 375 H&H, they are effective.


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        How about limbsaver anyone know if they are good?


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          The limbsavers seem very soft and they take the sting out of a heavy recoil...
          But they also seem very sticky-rubbery. They tend to hang up on your jacket during a fast shouldering. And I wonder how they would hold up if you tend to beat the heck out of your rifle butt while out in the sticks...
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