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  • Which Scope???

    Which scope should i put on my marlin 1895 45-70? Im putting weaver see through rings on it so i can still use my iron sights. Any help would be greatly appriciated! Thanks!

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    1.5 x 5 x 20 Leupold. If money was no object, a 1.5 x.5 Kahles with a post. You're not going to be shooting 3 or 400 yards with it.


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      I have not had good luck with see-through rings, too fragile, & they don't let me use the scope properly.

      I'd go for a variable in the 1-5x range, on QD mounts, with a good reciever sight as a backup. I think it is much faster.

      YMMV, but since you asked.



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        Why not a Intermediate Eye Reliefe leupold, 2.5-8x? scout mounted i think would be a nice set up!


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          Bad Mounts

          Put the Warne QR rings and Steel base on your can take your scope on and off and it will keep its zero........Williams Fire Sight front with cut out hood!

          Leupold 1.5 x5 Matte

          No alum Bases or rings ...............poor!


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            Another vote against the see through rings, they are both too fragile, and place the scope too high. I've shot marlins set up as guide guns, and conventional scope mount. There are pros and cons of each.

            The downside of the guide gun setup is you have limited field of view and if the suns at your back risk your scope lens glaring back at you. On the upside, they carry nice, balance nice and have plenty of eye relief.

            Personally I find the ghost ring irons suitable for the range of the 45-70 and would simply forget about scoping it.
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              I have the guide gun with scout setup. I would call the field of view to be limitless instead of limited. with both eyes open you can easily shoot the scout setup and see everything around your target. I would aslo go with the quick release rings and probably a 1-4 VxI or VxII, or maybe the Euro 30 1.25-4 all good scopes for the guide gun. Don't over look a good straight 2.5x either.


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