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    How exactly would you bolt a safe to a cement floor? Bolting the safe to the wall is not an option for me, so whats the best way to go about this?

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    bolting safe to floor

    take the interior of your safe out and there should be holes in the bottom of the safe already there (my cannon had them already drilled, I have heard some are not predrilled, so will have to drill thru the steel) Go down to AIH and ask the clerk that you want to bolt to cement floor. They should sell you the Correct expanding insert with a decent cement drill and correct bolts (make sure they are long enough!! Been there, done that, last week!!) put safe in position, mark holes on cement floor, slide safe out of way. and drill holes. once all holes are drill to the correct depth. vaccum the holes out and everything around where the safe will go. using hammer install expanding inserts pound them in flush to the floor. Slide safe back into position, and bolt down. make sure you have enough washers around, or get the correct size bolt. I had to use 2 washers to make it fit nice and snug for each bolt. I also used the high grade steel, since my safe is in the garage, I didn't want some one trying to hook a 3500 chevy duramax to it and pulling it out, that isn't happening!! I got broke into a month ago, so I may have over done a few things, as my wife call it Fort knox now. I got all my supplies at AIH for like $5 I think, the cement drill might have been a little more, but worked great in my dewalt cordless.


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      TBLOOMA is on target! I have not bolted any safes to concrete, but i have fastened to concrete many times and I agree with everything said.

      I would like to add a few things. a vapor-barrier between the concrete and the bottom of the safe. The safe (or concrete) WILL MOVE and the bottom of your safe will rust (unless the safe is stainless steel). Use a piece of ice and water shield, rubber mat, tar paper...anything to seperate the two.
      2...Use aluminum anchors and high grade stainless steel bolts. Another moisture problem that is guarenteed to be there.
      3...Sink the bolts in the concrete as far as possible. I would go at least 4 inches down. Concrete can "pop" very easily and 2" is NOT enough.

      my .02


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        Another don't

        Make sure you don't over drill the hole. Nothing worse than getting the bolt about 1/2 way in and having the anchor start spinning! Rocks and rebar in the concrete will make the holes a challenge keeping them aligned. If the anchor starts spinning, chances are you won't get it out without major work.

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