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Ruger 77/44 Carbine

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  • Ruger 77/44 Carbine

    Has anyone here played with one of these? If so, what was your opinion of it?

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    I thought I just had to have one to use hunting deer on the creek bottoms in Georgia. It was the most inaccrate rifle I have ever owned. I mean 8" to 10" groups. I tried a variety of factory loads. I spent more money than I should have to a gunsmith for bedding, and other attempts to get accuracy. Finally I just took it to a pawn shop and traded it for a Ruger MKII in 308. Naturally I had to part with some more cash in the trade.

    In my opinion they are junk. The action is basically the same as the Ruger 22 bolt action. It has no recoil lug, which I think is the root of the problem. I think the whole action flexes as it absorbs the pressure and recoil.

    They look really neat, and I like the rotary magazine, but I think they are flawed by design. At a minimum they need a recoil lug.



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      Well, to make a long story short, now I own one, the result of doing a favor for an old friend.
      Shot it at the range yesterday using Magtech 240 JSP, and at fifty yards was getting groups ~2-3". I guess I will be playing a bit with it to see if I can make it group better. I know on the 77/22 hornets adding a .005 spacer between the bolt sections can help accuracy a lot, I may try that on this. And the trigger pull is atrocious, a creepy draggy 6 pounds, so lightening that might help too.

      Ruger accuracy can sure vary from gun to gun. My early 77/22 is the second most accurate .22 of the 70+ I have ever owned, and is beaten only by a 52C with a Bauska gain-twist barrel. Sub-MOA with Minimags.

      If I can get this .44 down under 4" at a hundred yards I'll be a happy camper.


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        I too purchased one of those a few years back. Saw one at a local gunshop & thought it would be a great gun for SE&PWS blacktail hunting (ss/syn stock). Had the same trouble w/accuracy at the range. I also tried a variety of different loads & got horrible grouping. Ended up selling it & bought a Rem mod 7 in 7mm/08. Been happy ever since.
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          I have to agree. Very seldom do you hear me speak ill of anything with the Ruger name on it but they botched this one!

          Mine wouldn't shoot groups any smaller than I could get with my 629! So I used the 629 and sold the little Ruger off to a guy that can't shoot worth a sh@t with anything...figured he'd never know the difference.

          He loves it!

          Same guy hunts prairie dogs with a mini 14 (Rugers other botch job). All he does is make the little *******s wiser so they head for their holes when the rest of us show up!


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