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Ultra-Light stocks and scope mounts

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  • Ultra-Light stocks and scope mounts

    I am in the process of putting my Rem 700Ti .30-'06 on a diet. This rifle weighs in at 5 lb 8 oz (naked) but there is always room to lose a little more. Interested to know what manufacturers have quality ultra-light rings and bases, detachable preferred but not mandatory.

    Also, I am considering a Lone Wolf custom stock from WWGuns. The lightest model starts at 9 oz or so. Anyone have experience with these?

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    Talley Lightweights are prety **** light, and yet extremely durable. They are what I have on my Kimber Montana.


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      I second the Tally's. I have them on my wife's Kimber. If you find them to be to expensive nothing beats the good old Weaver mounts and bases.


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        Talley weight

        I just got off the phone with a distributer for Talley. He stated that the one-piece ultra-lights weighed 2.2 ozs. I just can't imagine getting any lighter than that on rings and bases!


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          You cant go wrong with Talleys. I have had them on my Tikkas too and hey are bulletproof and have the added advantage of being very lightweight. sounds like you rin the makings of a sweet little sheep gun.


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            After talking to WWGuns today, they seemed to think that I could easily lose several ounces off of my Rem 700Ti in .30-'06. If I take the time (and $$$) I will go with a Lone Wolf synthetic that weighs 9 oz, add the Talley rings and bases (currently using the Leupold QR bases and two-piece base which no weight can be found on these), can have the barrel lathed down slightly just aft of the breech, and even lose a couple of ounces out of the action. However, I am sure I will get to a point where the cost isn't worth the oz or 2.


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              Have a look on my Remington 700 TI on my website... OK, itīs not for rings, but for rail attachment, but I am sure, You wonīt find any lighter scope mount for the rail attachment: Some folks say, it looks gorgeous... :-)

              And it is made from Titanium...!!!

              Best regards,


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