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  • Voere 2155 quality

    hi guys. i'm looking for information on the current Voere (Austrian) rifle models, 2155 and 2165. they are a hunting rifle based on a Mauser 98 action. i have not found anyone who owns one, and am therefore unsure what level of accuracy i could expect. my interest stems from the fact that they are one of very few manufacturers who chamber for 7x57mm mauser in a fixed barrel rifle. ( at least, down here in australia, no one else seems to be bringing in this chambering). are they at a CZ level of quality, or better? any info, or even better some first hand experience, would be much appreciated.

    note: i think there used to be a Voere based in germany, but that i believe that company became part of mauser, and then closed down. i'm looking at the still-trading Austrian firm.


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    top of the line Rifle

    Hey Saladin
    I am the proud owner of a Vöere Kuffstein 2165 de luxe rifle. I have had many fine rifles, but this one is by far the best I have ever had. It is a 6.5 x 55 swedish mauser with a Nikon 2,5x10 50 scope.

    First the precision of the rifle. I have shot 2 gold medals with the rifle. Danish hunters have different field trials, and I have this year alone shot 1 gold medal in the small deer category and one to mooving moose wich by far was the most difficult - a 20 shot trial where the moose stands still on a 120 yards and you shoot first shot standing free. As soon as the shot is fired the moose starts running and you have 3 sec. to reloade and fire 2. shot. For gold you must have 4 out of five series with 17 or higher points. My four was 20, 20, 19,18 (20 being max)

    Trigger is out of this world wonderful. Easily ajusted. Perfect and probably the best about this rifle.

    I have shot Råbuk (a small danish deer- 20 kg), Krondyr (a big danish deer - 120 kg) and this month I am gooing moose hunting in sweeden, where i have a great hunting ground.

    The mecanics of the rifle works just fine, the mauser bolt is stabile and reliable. The clip mag tends to need a litle help with the first round. Safety is scilent and smooth.

    The estethics of the rifle speeks for it self. A beautiful and slender rifle, light to carry even on long trips into the wild.

    It is nowhere near the CZ rifles when it somes to finish. It is right up there along Sauer, Mannlicher and Steyer. It is as close to a costum build rifle as you come on a fair investment.

    Highly recomended


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