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  • 375 JDJ Loads?

    Any 375 jdj encore/ contender hunters out there? Care to share your favorite hunting loads? Bill.
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    oppertunities abound

    I have aquired a 15 inch barrel for the encore 375 jdj and had crackerjack gunsmith install the precision arms customized muzzle/etc, what a sweethart to shoot! I would like find some dies as I have been shooting the factory$$$ need share experiences with the round. I have no problem throwing a 2 inch group at 100, and with no wind and a good rest it gets better. where did you buy your dies? I need some, went to gun traders and they wanted 139. us dollars!!! I found some online for 70. same thing just eliminate the %@$#. Dont think I helped at all just happy to see another guy out there burning powder. cheers
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      Bought my dies from SSKINDUSTRIES.COM. You are right they are hard to find,about 50 or 70 bucks if memory serves. They also give you load data if you request it.I think JD Jones is the owner ,a long time expert handgunner, spoke to him via e- mail very helpful.They also sell brass, or you can resize 444 marlin cases in the dies you buy, if you do don't forget to trim. Here is their # 740-264-0176. Bill
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        375 Jdj

        As a former owner of a 375 JDJ. I can pass along some ideas and feedback.

        Keep in mind that these loads were devloped in the 1980s and 1990s with Contender frames.Encore frames no doubt are stronger...and heavier.

        The "standard" load back then was 45 grs of 322 with a 270 Spirepoint.This was considered max in a TC with an SSK/Shilen barrel.A lot of game bit the dust with this load...Kelly having used it extensively in Africa etc.Keep in mind that at pistol velocities, the hornady will show no expansion on thin skinned game.I popped a blesbuck with this load at maybe 20 feet as a finisher...he already had 2 holes in his lungs.This Texas heart shot was recovered in his brisket, traversing about 48".Other than the tiniest smear on the tip and land engravement, it looked unfired. Zero expansion...it weighed 269.7 grains on my scale.

        A better alternative is to consider the J bullet developed by Warren Jensen.I worked with Warren in designing this specifically for the JDJ.Essentially, Nosler has copied the J with their Accubonds.

        We decided on a 225 (then J26, now J36 I believe) for the handgun.I sent my barrel assembly and dies to Warren for load development.

        Our final load (again in a Contender) for my 12.5" barrel was 50 grains of H4895.OL was 3.04".This load chroned 2167 instrumental and shot like a house afire when directed by someone who knew how to shoot TCs.

        Since it was designed for this velocity range from the outset, expansion on game was excellent.Bullet integrity also excellent, as it was bonded.

        I "think" Warren is still making bullets.Haven't checked recently.If you can find some of these, they are worth the price.

        Haven't played with the 260 Accubond, as I unloaded the gun before they were released.

        For light game or just plinking, 45 322 and a 220 Hornady work fine.We used to practice our offhand shooting on claybirds set on the 100 yard burm.When you can hit these consistently, you are ready to go hunting with a 375 JDJ.

        Hope this helps.


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          Very good comments, and very interesting. I've done a little contender wildcating, also. I learned a lot about hunting at those velocities. Thanks for the comments.
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            My friend used the 260 gr accubond on a musk ox hunt with his 375 JDJ, and he was very disapointed with the results. He had to shoot it 5 times, and looking at the recovered bullets, the performance was definately poor. Suffice to say the accubonds need to be driven much faster than the JDJ can do in a handgun. At a bit over 2000 fps from the muzzle, you don't need or want the same tough bullets you can drive 2700 from the 375 H&H.

            The one bullet I've heard only good things about is the 260 gr Nosler partition. You might also want to consider some 235 gr bullets to get the velocity up.

            With a good handload they'll put 3 into 1" at 100 yds. Now what the handgun can do, and what the hand can do aren't always the same

            Can't help with powders and loads as I've only shot a few friends had, never ended up getting one of the barrels. Yeah, SSK is proud of their products, so you'll have to do some searching for reasonably priced dies. You could try CH4D, or try the used route via e-bay, ed's t/c's or other folks that specialize in t/c's.
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              Thanks all.

              Thanks for the feedback. In case your interested, I spoke to a tech at hornady bullets, I use 270 grain spire points, and H 4895 for about 2000fps from my 15 in encore , and he told me that I can expect no expansion with that bullet at that vel.. The data That SSK sent along with their dies call for a 270 round nose bullet, I guess it makes a diffrence.
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