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  • 338/06

    Can someone tell me what a 338/06 is?

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    Its a .338 winchester magnum case necked down to .30 caliber. A friend had one and loved it.


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      It's the 30-06 case necked up to 338. 338-06.

      A-Square was at one time making ammunition for it and Weatherby was chambering rifles for it.


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        Yes, I can.

        It is simply the 30-06 case necked up to accept .338" diameter bullets. It uses the same bullets as the 338 Winchester Magnum.

        It isn't the 338 Mag necked down to 30 caliber. That round is called the 30-338, and a fine caliber.

        In this country when we make a wildcat from an existing case we name the new caliber first then the parent case. The 25-06 is the 30-06 case necked down to 25 caiber.

        I think the 338-06 is the best caliber ever made on a 30-06 case. I kinda like them. I've owned about a dozen, had the first one made about 1978. I aso have the Ackley version of that one and it's a dandy.

        Ballistics for this 338-06 are a 210 grain Partition bulet at 2750 fps.

        It has been standardized by the A Square company (Accepted by SAAMI) and Norma makes ammo for it under the Weatherby name. The ony factory load available for it is the 210 partition at 2750 fps.

        It is often compared to the 35 Whelen and is similar to that one. The Whelen is the 30-06 case necked up to accept .358" bullets, so they are very simiar.
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          I apologize, got my brass and bullet switched with no real excuse. You're right Murph, no surprise.


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            Simply the coolest round there is!

            I'm biased of course but it does some serious hitting on a little bit of powder.

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              IMR 4320 is a excellent powder along with the 210 Nosler Part and 225 Hornady.

              The new 225gr Nosler AB and Hornady IB should be dandy!


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                338-06 Brass conversion

                What is the best way to form 338-06 brass? Fire forming or resizing 30-06 brass in a 338-06 dies?
                Also what is the cost of having a barrel chambered, installed and head spaced?
                I have a Yugo 48 that I bought for around $100 and was thinking since I already have 2 other 8mm mausers why not convert this one over.
                Thanks for any help.
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                  338-06 brass


                  I've found the 338-06 to be so good I've had two of them built. Cost of putting a barrel on? Depends upon the gunsmith and the cost of the barrel. A new, top quality barrel can be from 150-350. Cost of gunsmith labor maybe about the same 150-350.

                  For brass the best for the money is Weatherby 338-06 headstamped. It's made by Norma, it's top quality and runs about 1.00 ea. Brass can be formed by either neck expanding 30-06 brass up in a 338-06 sizing die or neck compressing 35 Whelen brass (available in Remington brand) down in a 338-06 sizing die. I've found the least amount of reforming the better and much prefer the 338-06 headstamped Weatherby brass- it's pretty much ready to go out of the box. In fireforming, I know some who put small quantities of fast pistol powder under a wad covered by cream o wheat topped with dripped in wax. May or may not give good results for expanding necks. Have only used it a few times to blow out shoulders for improved cartridges of same caliber.


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                    I've 2 .338-06's now and still am getting them worked out for a "perfect" load probably be some time, too many variables ie.. bullet makes, powders and primers. Lots of good selection in materials for reloading. I thus far have preferred to simplify that area of reloading and buy headstamped brass-Weatherby .338-06
                    I do have the Redding die set and the S type neck sizing with bushngs in the .30-06 just use the .338 tapered expander with bushings. At the same time I can still use the it for my .30-06 just change out with the correct button expander. Some where down the road perhaps this winter I will ding around with that.

                    Reloading is fun -- just do it.


                    by the way I have a .30-338 on a Mauser and what a shooter it is!
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                      Just run the 30-06 brass thru the 338-06 FL resizer die.....very simple......I had RCBS dies worked great, all you are doing is just opening up to .338 everything else stays the same........same with 35 Whel.

                      If I had to chose now between the two 35 Whel and 338-06 I would go with the 35 cal.


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