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New Kimber Montana 300WSM Range Report

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  • New Kimber Montana 300WSM Range Report

    Well made it to the range today and lots of interesting observations on my New Kimber.

    1) As I knew already the gun feeds perfectly no hitches there.

    2) I have read some say that the ergonomics of these Kevlar/Composite stocks on the Kimber Montanas help with perceived recoil. They are correct. I was shooting 180 grain loads that were flying pretty **** close to the same velocity as my 300WM shells in my Tikka T3 Lite. Recoil was at least perceived as a fair amount less than the Tikka with a Limbsaver recoil pad. The Kimber wants to jump around a bunch, lots of muzzle flip but its totally manageable once I fired it a few times, I dont like gripping the forestock on a rifle much when firing so I had to make a few adjustments to shoot the Kimber but ended up comfortable with it.

    3) Did a short barrel break in 5 shots with a cleaning in between each shot( even though I said I wasn't going to do a barrell break i n with this rifle). This was my most interesting observation with this gun. It will shoot poor groups with a clean barrel. Simply put it will shoot about 1.5"-2" groups with a clean barrell and it takes about 4 shots to start seeing the groups come together. Ended up with a group that was right at 1" maybe a hair less with tHe Federal Factory Barnes MRX's , this was the group with MRX with a fairly fouled barrel.
    Those are 1" squares so you can do the math.

    I ended up finding out that it actually shoots better with the TSX's than it did with the MRX's. Ended up with 2" groups at 200 yards when all was said and done with which to me is pretty **** good for factory ammo.

    Negatives, there were only a couple things that I didn't like but will be trying to correct.

    1) The trigger. It has some creep and I have been shooting guns with much lighter triggers and that are more crisp ( the Tikkas have sweet triggers). Will be taking it in to my local gunsmith for the trigger. I believe I could tighten the groups a little more with a better trigger too.

    2) the other thing that seemed odd and did not happen on every shot but after shooting a round when I went to lift the bolt up and eject the fired shell the bolt was real tight. Dont know what thats all about as it didn't heppen every time.We'll just have to see on that one.

    My conclusion is that I really like this little rifle, it shot well for me and handles well. It needs the trigger adjusted but other than that shes ready to roll. The accuracy difference between clean barrel and dirty barrel really puzzled me, not that I care I'll leave it dirty since I know thats what she wants but just 4 or 5 fouling shots reduced the groups by an inch easy. I was real worried at first thinking this thing isn't very accurate but I figured her out through some trial and error. So some of you that are shooting Kimber Montanas and not pleased with the accuracy I would say go shoot 5-10 shots and then fill her with 3 new ones and put up a new target. You might be surprised.

    Well when I bought this gun a week or so ago I had two big concerns, will she feed?, and will she be accurate. So far I am 2-0 with the Kimber. Will update on future sessions or I'll just be boasting and defending while replying on Kimber threads. grin

    I forgot to mention that I fired 38 rounds through her today. Twasn't a cheap day but, that in itself should tell those that are concerned with recoil that it aint bad.

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    Snyd I bought the VX-III 2.5-8x36 and also got a VX-III 3.5-10x40 and ended up keeping the 3.5-10, already sold the 2.5-8. Wanted to make sure I was 100% happy with my choice. And teh Accubonds are less expensive than the Barnes in Factory ammo. But I really like the Barnes TSX's and thought I would try the new MRX's too. Will be sticking with the TSX's for accuracy reasons. I had a better group with the TSX's than the one pictured but the range had gotten busy so I didn't take pics of those groups.


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      Ak Cub

      I too have seen a tight bolt after firing a round. I have found that some brand ammos are super tight while others are manageable. The 300 wsm has a sharp shoulder and wonder if they've loaded hot loads to reach advertised velocities. My only concern with my gun is there tends to be a buildup of brass in one place on the bolt. To me this indicates that the action is not "square" to the chamber. I'm considering having it worked on or sent to the factory. Interested to hear how others are doing with the same gun.


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        Yeah it was weird it didn't do it every time just sometimes. I shot three different loads through it today and to be honest with you the Federal Premium Barnes MRX's did it the most. I really liked the way the regular Federal TSX's shot through it.


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          Kimber 300 WSM

          I bought my wife this gun for Xmas and we have been unable to find a factory round that will shoot decent groups. Hand loads shot great but we were expecting better performance from this particular gun, as we don't have reloading equipment. I emailed Kimber customer service but haven't heard back yet. Anyone have any thoughts about this?



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            What are you defining as decent groups 1", 2", 3", etc? Whats it shooting? How many different factory loads have you tried. I shot 3 different types of ammo with mine yesterday. Fusion 165 grainers (for break in and scope aligning purposes), Federal Premium 180 Barnes MRX's, and the Federal 180 Barnes TSX's. Out of those 3 mine likes the 180 TSX's the best. It is expensive to do this with factory stuff but once you find its flavor all the better, and time to stock up on that flavor.


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              Kimber Montana

              Just to chime in a bit, I recently picked up an 84 Montana in 308.With a VariX3 2.5X8 up top in Dual Dovetails, it still only weighs 5 lbs,14ounces.

              I'm not recoil shy, but this little killer is all I want to deal with off the bags.Haven't chroned the load, but 46 grains of Varget with a 165 Scirocco is probably pushing 2800 fps.

              I agree that the trigger, although very decent as set from the factory, has a small dink of creep.Haven't messed with it, but I might.It's right in that "do I live with it?" or "make it better" category.Dunno yet.

              Overall.Kimber makes a nice rifle.You don't get something for nothing...I wanted an all round lower 48 rifle that was light and reliable.Think I have that.

              2 small points: I wish Leupold made the DDs in silver to match the scope and action.Maybe some day.Also, the rear base overhangs the magazine cutout by about .5". Why, I have no clue.It looks stupid, but doesn't seem to interfer with loading or ejection.

              It shoots this load well, right around 1MOA.All I need for game.


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                shortmags forums

                Lots of good info over here:


                EDIT: Whoops, looks like you've already been there AlaskaCub!
                Last edited by Snyd; 10-27-2006, 15:01.
                A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                  Snyd, just got into it with the Moderator over there after he deleted my post debating some issues with Kimber. He emailed me and told me not to waste peoples time, and all I was doing was replying on a thread about a Kimber Montana with accuracy issues and him and I were debating about Kimber QC on some of their guns.That guy(the Moderator) is a complete Jack azz, if you dont agree with him, he slams you with the utmost arrogance imaginable! Censorship over there goes way overboard, if he doesn't like your opinion it gets censored. I didn't and dont use profanity on forums , I just didn't agree with him and he didn't like it. I like some of the guys on that forum and they are very knowledgeable in the short mag world, but he ruins the entire forum with his arrogance and censorship of posts.If you cant tell I am still a little hot over it. Oh and I am taking my Kimber to Gary at Arctic Gun Works on tuesday for him to adjust my trigger on the Kimber.


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                    Too bad about shortmags forum

                    I noticed that when I posted today I got a message saying that it would be posted after a moderator review. That's too bad if he's deleting posts based on personal opinion especially if you aren't out of line regarding etiquette and manners. Makes no sense. There seems to be a lot of knowledgeable guys there. Let me know how that trigger adjustment goes. I have never got that technical with a gun but I can see where a slightly lighter pull would be beneficial. What are you going to take it down too? They say the factory setting is 3.5-4.
                    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                      Snyd, I have been shooting 3 different caliber Tikka T3's and you can adjust the trigger weight in seconds your self on them and I have them between 2.5- 3lbs, thats also what my ruger 338WM was set at by Gary. The trigger on this Kimber I would guess is in the 4-4 1/2 lb range and has a little creep its not crisp. I am so used to the lighter triggers that I can really tell the difference and a light trigger makes a big difference to me on acuracy especially in a lightweight rifle. Gary has done a lot of triggers for me over the years on different rifles and he does a great job. And as for Shortmags the Moderator is just an arrogant know it all with the power to run people off if he feels the need to do so, oh well not my loss. A lot of those guys also visit the 24hourcampfire, so no biggie, if I need to ask a question I know how to get a hold of them. I am contemplating jumping in with both feet into reloading right now but my biggest problem is I cant seem to find the room in thehouse I am renting in the Pole right now, might have to wait.


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                        Have you looked at the action on your Kimber? The trigger is supposed to be very easily adjustable but I hear that you need a device that measures the pull so you can get it right. I think you can adjust the pull and the creep.
                        Funny agout the reloading thing. I just posted an "advice for a beginner" thread in the hand loading forum and then saw you post the same in the hunting forum. I too am contemplating it.
                        A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                          Yeah theres a little more to adjusting the trigger in my Kimber than there was on my Tikkas, I think I'll leave it for Gary to do. He is supposed to do it with me watching so then I'll know.


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                            If anyone is interested I just stopped by Boondocks in Eagle river and they had Federal 300 WSM for $20 a box.


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