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  • Kimber Back From Repair

    This is a follow-up to a post I started a couple weeks ago named "Kimber Feeding Problems." UPS just delivered by Kimber Montana back to me after being sent in for to the factory to fix feeding problems.

    I place the rifle in the mail on April 10th with a delivery time to New York of 3-4 business days. Rifle was delivered back to me today, April 23rd, totaling 13 days turnaround. I think that is pretty good.

    Did not hear from Kimber when they received the rifle or during repair, but modifications to the rifle were listed on the Kimber packing list and read as follows:

    Fails to feed Repair 8400 Montana 270 WSM
    Function Tested-OK
    Feed Ramp, Polished
    Feed Rails Polished
    Mag, Replaced

    I had it delivered to my office, so I'll wait until I get home to pull it out of the box and cylce some rounds through it. Hopefully it "Function Tested- OK" following the repairs. I'll let you know how it does.

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    Pretty good turn around time, I hope it works out for you. Kimber makes a nice rifle.


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      Quick trip for the Kimber. I'd be glad to hear it works well this time, I like the rifles and the company, just like to see fewer problems. keep us posted.
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        Well I cycled two different types of ammo through the rifle tonight. First ammo was 150 gr Winchester XP3 and the second was 130 gr Core-Lokt. With each ammo I filled the mag with three rounds and cycled it though. Cycled 4 or 5 mags of each ammo through the rifle.

        150 gr XP3 previous feed rating was probably about 75%, now I give it a 95%. First round in the mag still has a very slight grab on about every other magazine load. Remaining rounds feed perfectly.

        130 gr Core-Lokt previous rating was 10%, new feed rating of 85%. First round in the mag still has a slight grab. Remaining rounds feed like clockwork.

        I'm pleased with Kimber's repairs and turnaround time. I feel much better about my rifle and Kimber as a company. Hope I can get out sheep hunting this year to use it.


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          Everyone always wants to FILL the magazine box full of cartridges, but shucks when was the last time you needed even a second shot, If it was me I would be a happy hunter with two in the box, and knowing I could trust them to feed smoooothly 100%. The only thing I would suggest is store the firearm with magazine box full of empty cases only, as I think the spring needs to relax.

          Sounds like Kimber did good.........
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            Ak Wonderer,

            I have a tendency to load magazine with rounds to the rear......recoil of the first shot will move rounds forward in the magazine....I'll try it as you did and see what the results are.

            I have the Montana 270 WSM and will try a function test as you did.....


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              Originally posted by Hopeak View Post
              The only thing I would suggest is store the firearm with magazine box full of empty cases only, as I think the spring needs to relax.

              Sounds like Kimber did good.........
              I think Hopeak nailed it on this one.

              I have a Kimber Talkeetna out for repair right now. I'm glad to see they made you happy.
              See my post in this thread. The specific post is towards the bottom of the first page, Post # 16.

              I think the follower spring is too stiff and holding the cartridge to tight against the rails.
              In my post I attached some pictures of what the gun was doing to the cartridge.

              Keep us posted.


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