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  • Mag-na-porting?

    Anyone have any experience? I am considering having it done on my Kimber Mt. 325 to reduce muzzle jump which is noticable bench shooting but not really noticable while shooting at critters for obvious reasons! Might help with followup shots though. I'm not interested in a muzzle brake because of the noise factor and the felt recoil is not bad at all. Just muzzle jump because of such a light gun.
    I have been doing a little research and came across this article from 1992.

    Any input?
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    I had a Ruger M77 in 338 Magna-Ported years and years ago when they were still doing their 6 port porting instead of just the 4 port porting. It worked just fine at keeping the muzzle down. I have not tried their 4 port porting so can't speak to that. You might ask them if they would still do the 6 port porting for you.


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      Snyd, I responded to you on this topic on the 325WSM rifle thread.


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        Muzzle brakes...

        Gary Junk just does porting for muzzle braes and like all muzzle brakes are very loud. The Magna-Port is EDM machining and it is only done at Magna Port, Inc. This works very well to tame a muzzle flip and may have some reduced recoil in some calibers but it is much quieter than a brake and well worth the money. They do very good work there. Gary, at Arctic Gunworks does good work too he just doesn't do Magna-Port.
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          I've had a 338, a 375 H&H, a 300 Weatherby and a couple of 44 mag revolvers magnaported. In my experience it is most noticeable (and beneficial) as recoil or muzzle rise goes up the scale. I.e., it was most effective on the 375 among my rifles, and the results were much more noticeable on my 4" 629 than on my 8 3/8" 629.

          Interesting enough, with a mercury recoil reducer in the stock of the 375 (Ruger #1) and magnaporting, you can actually see bullet impact through the scope. First ever for me with almost any larger rifle. Shooting the 375 alongside my #1 in 30-06, the 375 "seemed" to recoil less, and you couldn't see bullet impact through the scope on the 06.
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            I had a .375 that was magnaported and also a 629 Smith 4" that was magnaported; both shot quite well and the porting definitely reduced muzzle jump. My current .375 has a KDF and I'm also shooting a ported V10 Springfield...both have reduced muzzle jump but are louder because of the gasses vented out the top/sides of the barrel. The noise is a small price to pay for the reduced felt recoil and I'm always wearing hearing protection at the range anyway. Go with the porting, especially in bigger calibers, it'll be worth it. The magnaporting is cleaner-looking than the KDF and I couldn't tell the difference in recoil between the two. I'm considering sending my .458 out to get ported this winter.


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              Thanks for the responses. It sounds like magna porting is just what I'm looking for.
              A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again


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                I have done same with all my rifles save the new .325 Kimber which I will do after hunting season is over. It works and is not loud. Good people as I was down there 2 years ago and went to have a rifle I just bought from Jays sporting goods ported. I went to Harrison town I believe which is hours from their real location which is Harrison township. I arrived there over a half hour late and called them via cell phone and they stayed open for me and showed me through their trophy room. The wife was a saint and didn't mind the tour.


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                  One thing to keep in mind is that there is no free lunch.

                  Ultimately, the energy being directed out the muzzle has to be channeled or redirected somewhere.With the Magnaport process, the venting is up, keeping the muzzle down as has been noted.

                  My experience with Magnaporting a lightish 7STW (rebarreled SAKO AV with a 26" Lilja that goes just under 8 lbs suited and booted) is that the recoil velocity straight back is amplified.This simply means that some of the recoil energy that would have been dissipated vertically is now being redirected horizontally.

                  Of course, as everyone "knows", when shooting at game, we never feel or notice recoil.Or even muzzle blast.But during load development or zeroing off the bags, it becomes readily apparent.

                  So, if you can deal with "fast moving rifles" during this preparatory phase.then Magnaporting the barrel will likely give you a somewhat faster recovery in the field for target acquisition or a follow up shot if needed.


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                    I had a rifle that was made off of a Remington action. It was a 375 H&H with a 20 inch barrel and weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces. I had it mag-na-ported and it helped the muzzle lift AND the recoil. It had vents that directed the gas up but it also had vents that directed the gas backwards and towards the sides. Worked really well.
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                      My only experience with magnaporting was on a 4" 29. It did keep the muzzle down, but it also increased the noise a bit, and I learned NOT to shoot it from the hip.

                      Also, the muzzle flash under low light conditions is pretty spectacular, esp. with slow powders. A loong burst of fire out the front, and two fiery wings out of the top.


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                        Well, the Kimber Mt 325 gets shipped out next week for mag-na-porting. From what I've read here and other places it seems like it should work pretty good. Thanks all for your input.
                        A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again


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