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  • Ruger barrel shortening project...

    Friend in Fairbanks emailed wanting to know if anyone I knew would shorten the barrel on a Super Blackhawk .454. Paying freight on one down here might be prohibitive, so I figured I'd ask you folks if you knew someone who'd do a really good job for him a lot closer to home...Thanks!

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    Don't know my Rugers, it's the huge double action job, not a Blackhawk...


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      Super Redhawk cut job ...

      PM sent with some info ...


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        It's been a few years since I looked into it, but Jack Huntington quoted me $100 to shorten my 480's barrel to 5", re-fit the front sight, and bead blast the barrel and cylinder. Of course you need add shipping to and from California. I've handled several of his guns, and he does great work.

        Wild West Guns also does SRH mods but as I recall they wanted around $200 for the work, and you'd still have to ship it to Anchorage.

        If he's going to get the gun worked, he might also want to have the cylinder modified to take full moon clips. It's a pretty slick setup for fast re-loads, and you can still load conventionall sans clips.
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