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  • Firearms trivia question Tuesday April 21

    Here are the clues:

    We are transported through time again. We end up at Fort Hayes Kansas in late summer 1868. The locals try to have us committed to the nut-house after hearing our time travel story.

    US Army Brevet Colonel George Forsyth tells us that we can avoid being tarred and feathered if we join his new Army controlled civilian scout unit. His second in command is Lt Fred Beecher.

    We quickly join up and are told we will be heading into Colorado.

    The supply Sgt issues us each a wide leather belt looking gizmo with a snap hook attached. Some folks are issued something that looks like the top leather section of a cowboy boot.

    Then he has us load pack mules with Blakeslee Cartridge boxes. We look into these boxes and they have around 10 metal tubes with some sort of stubby bullets inside. The cartridges look like they have a copper case and seem to be rimfire. This stuff is not new and seems like it was made a few years before during the civil war.

    The Supply Sgt tells us we can get extra ammo from the Armory Sgt. He also mentions the numbers 56-56. He then sends us over to get issued our firearms.

    We get to the Armorer and he tells us we have 10 minutes to grab our weapons and get out.
    He has four of five types of rifles and carbines and ask what type ammo we have been issued.

    If we guess wrong we will have to clean the latrines for a week. We are told that we will be riding towards the Arikaree river in Colorado in a couple days if we stay out of trouble.

    Based on the appearence of the ammunition, the Blakeslee ammuntion boxes, The wide leather strap and the fact we are mounted volunteers.
    What is probably the type of firearm we should claim, and what the heck caliber are the darn things?
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    Think I got this one, Spencer carbine caliber .56-50. The wide leather belt with a snap and D ring with roller is a baldric. It goes over the left shoulder, the snap clips onto the ring on the left side of the carbine's receiver. This, at the time mentioned, is a very old and proven way to carry, shoot and keep a hold of your weapon while on horseback. I've seen paintings from the 1600's showing this.
    I may be slow, but I get where I'm going!


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      YES YOU DO:::

      The old 56-56 was for the Civil War ear rifles, And neither number had anything to do with the bullet or powder charge. It was case diameter on top and bottom.
      Development of the 56-52 and 56-50 (both for carbines) caused a tiff between Christopher Spencer and Steven V. Benet of Frankfurt aresenal. Benet thought the bullet was better protected by a longer cartridge case. Spencer maintained that the heavy crimp used would damage the bullet. According to some sources, this resulted in two loadings available for 50 caliber Spencers.

      The two rounds are different but interchangeable. The 56-50 is the first generally issued inside lubricated rimfire cartridge. The bullet's grease grooves are covered by the cartridge case.
      In the 56-52, The bullet's grease grooves are exposed. The Army almost exclusively issued the Springfield designed 56-50 ammunition, including commerical ammo.

      Civil War contract arms were all originally made in 52 caliber with 6 groove rifling. 11,000 of these were converted at the Springfield armory to 50 caliber. Most also had Stabler's patent magazine cutoff added to allow use as a single shot. This work was done from late 1865 through the early 1870's. The conversions can easily be distinguished by their three groove rifled barrel liners.

      OK, Scout 338-06,,,

      We are on our way to a knock down drag out fight with Roman Nose.

      Tell us how to load and shoot these fangled Spencer carbines.
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        56-56 Spencer rimfire?

        If were riding, well use a carbine.

        I'd replace empty tube magizines with loaded ones by turning the tube rigt 90* and pulling out, reverse for loading.
        Then work your lever forward and back up firm and securely, then manualy cock the hammer to full cock and use ASAP

        Gonna fight Roman nose? I bet he already has a repater as well.
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          Yeap, Old Ropman Nose was noted to have a Spencer carbine and 4 (yes four) revolvers on his person when he met with a US Army general.
          He was killed along the Arikaree river in a fight against Forsyths Scouts. The battle was later known as the Battle of Beechers Island. It was named Beechers island after Lt Fred Beecher who was also killed in the battle.

          Here are a couple of neat photos
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            Good quiz...

            Im a bit ahead of the game, I have a Joslyn, though its main spring is in three pieces, so I dont play with it like I want to...LOL!

            I also have a Russian made Berdan II carbine, invented by Hiram Berdan of the Union's Berdan Sharps shooters. Shoots the BP .42 Berdan, the first shoulder stepped case. I'm gearing up to shoot that some more.

            I keep eyeing those Martini-Henry's from Nepal that IMO imperted a while back, one of those would be SWEET!!

            Keep going!!!
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