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    Has anybody used Barnes .30 caliber 250 grain roundnose handloads on actual game?Ive handloaded these ,they shoot well at 100 yards.As good as my 180's,but ive never shot any game with these.i have then leaving the barrel at around 2600 fps out of my FN mauser.I dont really hunt griz, but i thought they would be an excellent load if the situation arose.

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    I shot several deer with it and one elk some years ago- all broadside and out of an '06, but I don't remember the powder and charge. The wound channels looked good, but I never recovered a bullet. I'd have no qualms about using it on moose or depending on it in an emergency griz encounter.

    I did recover a 195 grain 7mm (Rem 7 mag @ around 2700) from a front-to-back angling shot on a moose. Impressive mushroom and wound channel, even after going through shoulder blade, rib, lung, liver, and paunch to lodge under the hide in front of the left hind leg. Retained weight was 158 gr.

    Way back in the good old days the Barnes classic was one of the few options for ultra-heavy bullets in any caliber. I shot them in everything from 25 cal (125 grain) to 35 cal (300 grain) with excellent results. The pure copper jacket seemed to hold everything together well without breaking up.

    Not heard about much in todays Super Bullet marketing, but a good performer if you can stand the embarrassment of being out of fashion.
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