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  • Hornady LeveRevolution Ammo

    Has anyone used this ammo yet; and if so how did it perform? Hopefully can get some feedback on the 45-70. Thanks.

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    I have just tried out the new ammo in my Marlin 1895 Cowboy (26" octagon bbl). I got 1 1/2" - 2 " groups @ 100 yds with the 325 gr clocking 1960 fps over my Crony screens. I have a Simmons Atec 2.8x10x44 on it.

    Not my best effort. It was hot, I was tired and I haven't been to the range in months. The gun was just hard chromed and I need to zero the scope.


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      I cannot speak to the 45-70, but I did pick up a couple of boxes a few weeks ago for an old Marlin 30-30 I have. I took it out to the range this past weekend. I had been shooting Remington Core-Lokt 170 in it which were not terribly accurate (although I only had a 3x scope on) at 100 yards. Then I shot several groups of the Leverevolution ammo. They came in about 8-10 inches higher than the Remington at 100 yards, which seemed to be a little less than expected as many of the ads I read for the ammo stated that the shots didn't even hit the paper if the gun was zeroed with other ammo. Groups were fairly tight though, within 2-3 inches or so. This was my first time shooting this gun in about 7 years. My last shot with it was taking down a 200 lb. mule deer in Colorado. The kick was a little bit more with the new ammo although that gun doesn't kick a whole lot to begin with.

      My plan is to get a bit stronger of a scope, get these bullets zeroed out to about 200 yards within 2 inch groups, and then take it on a caribou hunt in January or February. Will let you know of the results.
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        Sounds good jmg, but why would you want to get rid of that scope? I think it would be ideal for what you are using it for. More power is not always the right way to go. If you decide to sell that scope let me know, I will put it on my Marlin. Jim


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          I couldn't get what I considered good results with these out of my Marlin GG in .450 Marlin. The conventional factory 450's were giving better groups. Then I tried them out of my .450M bolt and the groups tightened right up. Of course the fact that the bolt is a custom built rifle may have had something to do with it. I never saw anything during the season to pull the trigger on so can't comment on their effectiveness on game.
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