I just got the deal of the century!!!!!!!



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  • I just got the deal of the century!!!!!!!

    Well after an afternoon of bowling with the family, my Wife had to do some shopping so we decided to split up and her and the daughter do "girl" shopping while I take my son "boy" shopping. We headed over to Scheel's (a sporting goods store) and while looking through the "used" gun racks I stumble upon a Kimber Montana. I pick it up,look at the caliber (325 WSM) look at the receiver (still had the plugs in it) and then at the price tag ($650!!!!).

    I very promptly tell the young man behind the counter to hold this and that I need to grab some paperwork from the car (it takes alot for a non-resident to buy a gun here in Nebraska). So after I grab the paperwork and while filling out the ATF forms the Sales Manager and I start talking and having a nice conversation. He says he's never met anyone from the Great State of Alaska and wants to hear all my stories. So and hour later we are getting ready to leave and he tells me to grab a set of Leupold bases and rings from the rack for free. Says all I have to do is bring in some pics when I get a chance.

    So for a little less the $700 I got a brand new in the box (still had the plastic Kimber bag in it even) rifle that I have been wanting for some time and a new set of rings and bases. Some days, the Gun Gods do smile upon you.......................
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    I've been to the Scheels before. Nice folks.



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      Congratulations!!!! Wish it were me! J.


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        Not much need for a 325WSM in Nebraska. Sounds like you were in the right place at the right time. We want to see your dead stuff pictures too!


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