Looks like AR-15 Prices are coming down.



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  • Looks like AR-15 Prices are coming down.

    I have been watching this market for awhile. Supply seems to be catching up and prices are coming down.

    You can now get a DPMS sweet 16 off of gun broker for 1000.00 pretty much anytime you want. In fact, i havent seen alot move at that price.

    A sportical for 859.00 isnt even moving.

    Yeah these are still way inflated prices, but they are getting better.

    So resist the temptation to buy a EXTREMLEY over-priced AR right now thinking you will make a profit down the road.

    One interesting thing is that AK prices havent wavered as much as the AR prices. but those truly are not coming into the country anymore so supply will not catch up.

    I think current politics and the recession are gonna make this gun market crash soon.

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    I submit that AR prices havent gone up. We sold an M&P last week for $899 and when I grab those Sportipukes, just blow them out. Folks have tried and succeeded in getting more than MSRP for them but most of us have held the line at MSRP, standard pricing (ie comparables) or below. The thing that has kept us from seriously discounting has been freight and cash flow...in the past, we could toss an AR15 on a big order and absorb the cost of shipping...now on occasion we have to pay the shipping becasue its a "take it or leave it deal" at the distributor...in addition, to get bulk product in a timely fashion we have to pay "on the spot"...the factories and distributors are rewarding those customers who pay fast with more product and thats just simple business...why give product to a guy who stretches out 120 day terms when you got a guy payin cash on delivery. That helps us get stuff, but does not encourage deep discounts on ALL product especially when you have to pay $50,000 to get stuff.....

    I spend half of my time tracking down stuff and trying to plot when and where to buy, then come up with the cash

    You guys need top spend less time worrying about gun prices and start focusing on ammo, that is a PITA up here. Coordinating freight shipments sucks. But, more 223 is inbound


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      I'm not sure whether to laugh at the people selling these AR's at absurd prices, or those paying out their bottom's for one.


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        If you think the AR prices are messed up take a look at 50 prices.
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