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Encore Katahdin Forend Fit?????????????????????

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  • Encore Katahdin Forend Fit?????????????????????

    Will the composite forends for 26" heavy barrel encores fit the Katahdin 45/70 Barrels???

    I want to buy a Katahdin 45/70 barrel but would like to use the composite hardwoods front end on my current rifle ... will this work or do I have to buy the Katahdin specific front end??? The Katahdin specific front end doesnt come in hardwoods composite ... so if I have to buy the Katahdin specific front end, I will need to buy a new buttstock as well ...


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    What is your barrel diameter at the forearm mounting point? I have a 26" Heavy 375 H&H barrel, a custom VanHorn heavy 25-06 barrel, a custom Virgin Valley heavy 257 STW barrel and a custom Match Grade Match 500 S&W barrel and the standard forearms fit.


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      current forend ...

      My current forend is on a 26" 204 Ruger barrel.

      Looking through the T/C catalog, it lists a specific forend for the katahdins but also there are pictures shown that look like the same forend on a 28" pro hunter as a Katahdin.

      The budget is low for this particular project so I want to keep costs down ...


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        I went over too the T/C web site and looked around. The numbers that you are looking at are numbers that correspond to a particular cartridge chambered firearm kit stock number not actual parts numbers. If you ordered a 375 H&H it would be number so and so and if you ordered a 45-70 it would be another number. So I would assume that all forearms for the T/C Encore Rifle barrels will fit all of them no matter what barrel you bought. From what I can tell the only difference between the standard Encore and the Pro-Hunter is the new stock design, swinging hammer extension and the 28" fluted barrels. I would think that the Pro-Hunter barrels would fit a standard Encore frame. E-mail them and ask them.


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          Thanks Allen ... I will give T/C a call tomorrow (ran out of time today).

          Seems T/C doesn't like to use email ... go figure in these times ...


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            Different ...

            weeellllllll ..........

            Called T/C this morning (finally had time ... sheeesh) ...

            Anyway, the Katahdin does use a different forend ... screw spacing for the forend is different ...

            I think I will call the custom shop and get what I need in a barrel. (Hopefully)


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