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Weatherby-Howa Sub-MOA .300 Win. Mag.

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  • Weatherby-Howa Sub-MOA .300 Win. Mag.

    Does anyone have comments...good or bad? Experiences?

    Thanks in advance!!!
    When all else fails...ask your old-man.


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    Well I've never shot a "sub-MOA" Weatherby but my understanding is when they test fire the rifles at the factory, they set aside the ones that produce a sub MOA grouping. Then put SUB MOA on the bolt and sell it for a little more than a regular rifle. In my mind you could acheive the same results through building up a load for your rifle with handloads. My Weatherby Vanguard will shoot 2 rounds nearly in the same hole with one almost touching slightly up and right, with 200 gr Nosler Partition handloads. That's good enough for me...

    The target that came with my rifle is almost a perfect "clover leaf!" But if you have to have a rifle thats hitting the same hole at 100 yards then the Sub MOA is probably the rifle you should get as they are guaranteed to produce those groups!

    - Clint


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