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  • Modify Imported rifle laws?

    Ok, so I was looking into putting a colapsable stock on my sks and cutting the barrel down to 16 1/4 inches. Aparrently replacing just the stock makes my gun illegal. I read the laws and see that an sks has 17 parts. Let me know if I read this right. If I were to replace the stock with a colapsable stock I would have to replace enough parts on that gun so that 10 of the 17 parts are American made? I realise that by cutting off the barrel I will be getting rid of the grenade launcher sights, bayonet, and muzzle break. I dont want the grenade launcher sights or bayonet. That also gives me an excuse to put on an american muzzle break and help make 10 parts of that gun American made, if I am reading this correctly.????
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    Yep, you are reading it right. no more than 10 parts can be installed from other countries. I have not seen anyone get busted for it but i would not want to be the first. Ensure your parts are stamped U.S. and keep your receipts. It would be had to prove your case if your parts were not stamped.


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