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  • New rifle

    Took the new rifle to the range today. It's a Weatherby Accumark in 338-378. What a tack driver. Will definatly be sub moa after break in is complete. Two shot groups just over 1/2". Weatherby makes great rifles...

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    that's a smokin' round. a buddy of mine here in Idaho shots one. only problem is shooting canyon to canyon, it takes awhile to get to your elk. ha ha


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      In 1990 before this round became a factory chambering I had a 338/378 WBY built on one of the BBK02 actions. 26" Lilja SS barrel. Brent Clifton stock. Was getting 3153 FPS with 250 grain Nosler Partitions seated over 115 grains of H1000. This rifle was built for long range moose smacking. One of the most spectacular shots made with this rifle was on a small bull Moose at about 65 yards. Blood flew 20' into the air on the off side.


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        canyon to canyon

        That's why I bought it. Going to Colorado in 3 weeks for elk. Was going to take the 338/06 but kept thinking that if I had a shot at a large bull beyond 300 yards I would kick myself for not bringing a little more umph. The 338/378 has as much velocity at 400 yards as the 338/06 has at the muzzle. Pretty impessive.


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          That's a pretty sweet round. My wife's uncle has one built on a BRNO action. He target practices across his property in Kenny Lake, which is about 650 yards. It's pretty impressive what that rifle does on any given day. That will be a fun one. Good luck on your Elk hunt!


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            200 grainers?

            I'm looking at shooting the 200 grainers from weatherby in mine (338-378). I'm wondering if any of you guys have shot them and what kind of groups your getting. Thanks..


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              There is a lot of guys who shoot the 338/378 and get great groups and have lots of load advice on this link When you get to this link look up the user name "Heat" and he really is into the 338/378. In fact just post your questions and lot's of real nice guys will be willing to help.
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                Thanks for the info!


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