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    My son is going to be working on a commercial fish set net site in PWS this summer. Last year, camp was harrassed by multiple black bears. They had a 12 guage, but frequently the crew is pretty spread out or someone goes off for a hike in the woods in their free time. So, I'm looking at the safe and don't see anything that I want knocked around near saltwater, boats, cabins, sand, etc. -- except an old 30-30, model 94.

    This wouldn't be for hunting, just for use in a DLP case a blackie won't back off or gets aggressive. I know there are bigger/better boomers out there -- but will it do the job at short range? Load suggestions?

    Or do I need to provide an "economic stimulus" for a local gun shop? (In the best case, maybe I go shopping and send him off with the 30-30 )

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    The 30-30 is a great gun(always has been and always will be)
    It can take down a black bear and is used for that alot in the lower 48,especially ranches.
    I would recommend something like the Remington 170 grain Soft Point Core-Lokt.
    But if you want something to use in a quick situation you could always get him a Marlin 1895 guide gun(which I use) in the 45-70 and then you dont have to worry about any bears at all including the browns.

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    One shot one kill


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      You just missed a great thread on the 30-30

      My answer would be yes, with the 170s it should be fine. If you can find them you might want to grab the Federal Premium Vital Shocks with 170gr Nosler Partitions. Remington 170s will probably do fine though. They have for lots of folks....
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        It's entirely up to you if you want to turn your nose up at the 30-30, I wouldn't. If you do give it to your son........send him off with the 170 grain Nosler Paritions. They are a roundnosed bullet made for the 30-30. Although a little light (according to some).......that would probably be the toughest bullet that you could chamber in your 30-30. Recovery from recoil is amazing with the 30-30......not to mention good magazine capacity. The model 94 carries like a dream too. If he has to sling it when working........maybe a sling swivel kit for the mod. 94 would be a good thing. I'm not sure about this........but isn't there a very very low population of browns in PWS? That is a link to fully loaded federal premium ammo loaded with 170 grain partitions. If you notice the customer guy said his son shot through a black bear with it, and another guy claimed it didn't expand well(complaining of over penetration). 32 dollars aint all that bad of a price either!


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          Thank you for the information. I think I'll send him with the well-oiled old gun in hopes of preventing too much bad effect from the elements, plus an ammo purchase and some range time!

          Which leaves my budget with plenty for.... my own shopping trip!


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            Just a side note here. I hunted white tail and muleys in Montana for many years, favorite gun was TC contender pistol in 30.30. Speer and Hornady make a "single shot pistol bullet", one @ 130 grains, other at 135 grains. All the deer shot were one shot, very clean kills. Necks broken, hearts blown out, they go down quickly. That pistol will put 3 shots on a dime at 100 yards consistently from bench rest with bipod. But if I was facing a bear at close range, I would want a bigger bullet with a lever action
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