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  • 168 gr. Tripple Shock.....

    Are any of you shooting the 168 grain Barnes X Tripple Shock bullet out of your 30-06? If so then how about the load, velocity and field reports?

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    Just finished an ultra light AI 06 project gun and the 168 gr. TSX will be the first bullet I try. In other 30 cal's I have used it in it has proven to be exceedingly accurate. I will prob start with IMR 4350. One of my sons shoots a Weatherby Ultra-Light and the best powder I could find for that 06 was Varget!
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      I too havent shot it in an -06 but did use it exclusively in my .308 for a couple years. Great bullet,very accurate over Varget and RL-15. Took 2 deer with them down here in NE and got great results. Both shots were complete pass-throughs,great terminal damage, both bucks fell like they were hit from lightning

      All of this out of a little 'ol 308.......
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        It might be just the right bullet for your 30-06.

        Barnes 168gr TTSX is 1.418"
        Barnes 168gr TSX is 1.318"
        Sierra Match King 175gr is 1.245"

        Both Barnes are longer than the heavier Sierra. I'm guess that your 30-06 has a 1:10 twist and will stabilize the longer bullet well.


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          i shot them

          out of my .300 wsm. VERY ACCURATE!


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            165 tsx

            My 30-06 M70 Winchester will now shoot a 5/8" group at 100 yards with the Barnes 165 TSX's and H4350 at just over 2,800 f.p.s. At the current price of bullets, I don't know if I will gain much by adding 3 grains to the projectile. If component prices ever come down (saddly doubt that), I'd be willing to give them a try. I know that particular bullet weight (168) is supposed to be super accurate in the .30 caliber bullets.
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