re-tool Ruger m77 mark2?



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  • re-tool Ruger m77 mark2?

    have hunted with my 300 win mag Ruger for 20 years and love it. Gun is showing its age, mainly the wood stock. Was thinking of new stainless/composite, however buddy says why not replace wood stock with composite.

    Thoughts on this strategy? Where to go to buy a composite and what can be done to the blue barrel to get a more weather proof rifle?
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    You could put a $150 buck Bell&Carlson stock on it and just keep cleaning you gun like normal.Its lasted through 20 years of tuff times and stainless well need just as much cleaning
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      Stripper, about $6
      Paint thinner, about $6
      Helmsman Spar Varnish, about $10
      320 & 400 grit sandpaper, about $5
      0000 steel wool, about $5
      Johnson’s Paste Wax, about $7
      Good Paint brushes, about $12

      So, for about $50, or considerably less if you happen to have some of this stuff already, you can refinish your stock and weather proof the entire rifle. While you’re at it, you could pick up an AcuraGlass kit and bed the stock if you wanted to. In the end your rifle will still look like the trusty classic that has provided you with 20 years of faithful service, instead of some cheap ass plastic Junker with all the personality and character of a hammer….:cool:

      Of course if you are “function over form” guy that only cares about the utility aspect of your arm, then you could pick up a decent composite stock and have the barreled action bead blasted and matt blued, or painted with durikote or the like…..sorry, I actually gagged a little bit while typing that, but I digress… you could also get it parkerized or hard chromed. I am sure there are some other finishes out there that I did not mention, but….. sorry, had to stifle another gag reflex there….but anyway, the point is that there are a great number of durable alternative finishes available, if a guy finds that sort of thing aesthetically pleasing.
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