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  • 416 Hawkeye Alaskan

    Well, I couldn't wait anymore to hear how this shoots. Been trying to talk to all the dealers which now most have them and the bullets, but can't find anyone to tell me about how it shoots. So I picked mine up tonight... early birthday present is what I am telling myself and the wife...:eek:

    Now to shoot it this Sunday. My buddy has a chronograph so I'll write how it performs. Should go well with my 45/70 GG for my Brown bear hunt in 25 day's 7 hours and 14 minutes, oh wait, am I counting...

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    I read that they had problems with the factory Hornady ammo for that round. Is that true? Otherwise it looks like a winner. The only thing I think they should improve is the magazine should be a drop box that holds at least 5 rounds instead of just 3.


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      I heard about the ammo issue too. I stopped by the local Sportsman's Warehouse down here in AZ and they said the ammo was recalled. I called Hornady and they said BS. According to Hornady there was no recall just rumors due to slow supply.

      Have a good time with your new rifle and do keep us in the loop, Happy Birthday.


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        I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences with the .416...congratulations on the new rifle and good shooting

        Here is an article dealing with the .416 that might be of interest to some of you.



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          The 416 update

          Well just got back from the range and shooting the 416. On the Crony I shot between 2347fps up to 2474fps using the DGX 400grn bullets. At 50 yards w/iron sites I was shooting a little to the left (about 4") so I adjusted and pulled it in some but also did just as well at 100yards. So a pie plate at 50 and 100yards. I would like to bring that into a better group like my 45/70GG but I have to admit... there is a slight increase in recoil over the 45/70 :rolleyes:, so I might put a scope on just to tighten it in. Not sure yet though.

          So over all; I have to say I am pumped over the 416 Hawkeye. Like the gun a lot. Was a little stiff the first couple of rounds but it smoothed out by the end of the 20 rounds I ran through it. At $71 a box for bullets here in Alaska, plus my shoulder, I thought I would let things rest until next time.

          So for those thinking about this gun, I give it thumbs up. I think Ruger and Hornady did well on this combo. For what I want, i.e. an all weather stainless gun capable of taking anything Alaska has to offer, mainly the brown bear, I like it. It's short, stainless, and has a synthetic stock, and I can reach out and touch something at 200 yards if I desire, but like all my other threads, I just haven't shot anything beyond 100 yards in such a long time... really beyond 50 to 60 yards.

          Between this and my 45/70 GG, I think I have all I need for now.

          Awesome Gun.... So the only question left, which gun will be the one taking down a brown bear if given the opportunity? We’ll see after my May hunt.
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            Thanks for the update and best of luck on your upcoming hunt.


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              Yes, good up date and good luck on your hunt. I really like my 358Win Hawkeye and it really shoots well. Once again, good luck on your hunt.
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                Ruger M77 owners...

                All, in my never ending thinking about my bear hunt in 9 days, I have gone back and forth on should I get a scope or a Peep for this new gun. Well, my good friend SusitnaAK and I have shared many a hunting stories with our 45/70's and peeps and rather than go with a scope, I am going with a Peep. In my reviews I came across this website;


                and from what I can tell they seem to cover the M77 very well. I guess we'll see but I ordered my peep sight and should have it in just a few day's so off to the range again this weekend for some final shooting and sighting in if is shows up.

                Just thought I would share in my search of hunting stuff... . More to come if it works out.


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                  One more thing on the 416 Ruger

                  I ended up also ordering 5 box's of ammo of the DGX ammo since it seems no one in town has them. Shipping them to my buddy who is heading up for our trip.

                  Amazing on the shipping... $11 for 5 box's of ammo in the L48... Maybe I have a business adventure in the making here but dang, we can't get anything up here for this cost.

                  More to follow...


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