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  • Feds screwed up...

    and left enough in my checking account to pick up a little H&R "Cowboy Classic" .45 Colt chambered Handi Rifle. Took it to the 'dead pit' over the weekend where the carcasses from the in-laws' dairy operation reside. Nothing grim to report, I don't shoot dead things, but there's a dandy berm there and I can put my folding table and chair in a corner of the field right at a hundred yards and shoot targets.
    To my surprise, first shot out the barrel with 250 Noslers, 20 gr. of 2400 in WW cases with CCI large pistol magnum primers landed in the ten ring with a six o'clock hold. Bumped the elevator down one notch, put the bead over the bull, and in what seemed like a minute or two, an entire box of fifty rounds was gone!!! At that range, it kept my empty Shasta soda can dancing, and perforated it with great satisfaction!
    250 gr. lead bullet loads with 7 gr. of Unique needed one notch of elevation to do the same thing, and once again, an entire box was gone in what seemed to be but a moment...
    300 grainers and a serious load are on the way, but I also have a .45 Colt chambered Blackhawk, and my tolerance level in that piece aren't near what it is with the rifle.
    For grins, I also intend to put a piece of glass on it for load development, we'll see if it remains, or if I have to take it off again to regain the 'fun-factor'.....
    This rifle is a BALL!

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    Great guns for the money.
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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      Great Guns Period! (Iím not sure on the new ones, the pumps and such...)
      I have
      NEF-223, most accurate gun I own, well sort of own-- gave it to my friends son (he named his son after me I had to do something)
      NEF-12 ga rifled slug gun, for NY whitetail, readily take WT's at 150 to 200 yards with federal premium sabots
      H&R- 25-06 ultra rifle, donít use this too much but it is a sweet looking rifle I will be sending it out to get a new barrel (or 2) for itÖ Maybe a 308 or 7-08 or both. I wish they would make a 454 casull barrel.
      Back in Afghanistan, I hope for the last time.


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        I wish I had that problem. In additon to what the feds took from each paycheck, I had to cut them another one that would pretty much cover a Freedom Arms premier :eek:
        Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

        If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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          Tuesday morning, we cut a check for an additional $3100.00 to put with what they withheld from my retirement, the wife's check, and my check from the store. I sent a tag from a tea bag along with the check.....
          Besides one Helluva Job from our military protecting my aging butt, exactly WHAT am I getting from the Feds for my money?
          Back to the H&R before this thread gets pulled...my 'other' H&R started out as a 32" barreled .45-70 "Buffalo Classic", sent it back for a 20" .500 S&W ($86.00) and a 24" fluted .204 Ruger ($116.00).
          Yesterday, I also had to bring home a little .410 "Topper Classic Jr." for the Grandson that has come to be known around the family as "Mini-Me", in that, at four years old, he's a heckuva gun nut. He calls me Grampow, and when he goes into the gunroom, he levitates about three feet in the air, stays in hover mode and shakes a bit.....loaned him a Chipmunk the other day, and at six the next morning, he woke his dad by poking him in the forehead, saying "Grampow's coming to get his rifle. Need to go shoot rabbits NOW!!!!"

          I've read quite a few posts on this forum ( http://www.go2gbo.com/forums/index.php/board,126.0.html ) about punching out .45 Colt barrels to .454 and 460 S&W....
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            Darreld Walton; Your in a peck a trouble with the Mrs. (my Mrs. that is). You see I have been eyeballing a new in the box H&R Buffalo Classic in 45 Colt on Gunbroker for a few days now. It has a checkered walnut stock with the schnabled forend and is minus the pistol grip. I have been wanting one of these for a while, however I too sent Unky Sam 3 grand cuz he said I had to. Hense mother put the kabosh on all gun purchases for the time being!

            Well about 10 minutes ago after reading this thread (that you started ) I did the "buy now" thing and as a result I am one H&R richer and $269 poorer.

            Even Mother knows that a guy can only stand so much.....so I'm fixen to tell her that some guy in Idaho taunted me and in the end my knees got weak and I buckled under the pressure! Lucky for you your a couple thousand miles away!

            From my point of view, thanks for the nudge!

            gunbroker.com auction 126964565. If you put in the discription in the search box and select auctions closed in the last 24 hours you can have a look at it.


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