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  • Anchorage ammo availability?

    I have been in Guam since Jan 9th, I am finally comming back home on Sunday. Before I left I bought quite a bit of surplus 7.62-39 and 7.62 x 51. I have been reading the posts pretty regularly and have seen a common trend of people not being able to locate ammo easily. The ammo I bought back in Oct-Dec was meant to be stored for a life time and not used incase I ever needed it. Am I going to have a hard time finding some surplus ammo in the above calibers when I get back? I got most of mine at Ammo King. How is their current selection?
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    7.62X39 is still available, not so sure about 7.62X51 as it's never been available in huge quantities.

    Good luck finding 9X19 or 45 acp! I had no idea how bad things were until my wife said she wanted to go to the range so I went looking for some ammo. No luck on ammo, I did find some reloading dies, then no luck on compontent bullets. I figure no biggie, I'll order up some molds, most of the online stores are sold out of molds!
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      Most common ammo such as .45, 9mm, 10mm, 223, 7.62x51 is readily available, we get about 3-5 tons every 30 days or so and have a load incoming. I try to keep 50,000 rounds of various ammo around daily. Niels at Gunrunners usually has 7.62x39 as does Lou at Ammo Can. Lou probably has Wolf 223 too, we wont mess with that. Welcome back


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        Since I think your question was just answered, Do you know SS Mikal Bryant? He's been stationed in Guam from Elmendorf since Jan and is coming back Sunday as well. He's in Ammo...


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