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help with left handed stainless composite

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  • help with left handed stainless composite

    Looking for 300wsm in the above. Tikka t3 can't be the only thing out there for a soft-paw?
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    I was going to say Browning Stainless Stalker and Savage Weather Warrior...but I checked their web sites and no WSMs for either. If you could go with the .300-win, your options would be much better....Browning has a few non composite/stainless in LH WSM.


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      Lh 300wsm

      Montana Rifle Company is another option. A little more spendy perhaps but a good action. I have a lefty Stainless 270WSM MRC model 1999 in a McMillian stock that I really like. If I ever wear this barrel out it will be relaced with a 300. I checked the Savage website and see they do make a 300 WSM in a lefty stainless BTW. Good luck.



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        Not much around for lefty shooters. Esp. in stainless. You might look over at, there is a subsection for lefties and a thread of what's available (what folks have).

        Snowolfe may chime in. He seems to have a firm grasp of what's out there for lefties.


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