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  • blaser model 95 combo over and under rifle and shotgun

    i go into a gunstore in my part of texas all the time and the other day the owners mike and jeff pulls me a side and ask me if i have heard of blaser rifle company ..for i learned about there tactical rifles when i was liveing in germany when i was in the army
    i told i know little about the tactical rifles that they make
    mike and jeff shows me this set up that a guy had him special order for him and now after 60.days and about 20 phone calls to the guy he still has not returned or made any contact with the store about picking the combo up

    it the basic model with a short 20.inchs long barrels with fixed sight system and a cal of 308 rifle bottom barrel and 3."inchs mag chamber on the top barrel with wood forend and stock with a s&b varible power scope system with qiuck mount scope mounts units
    the shotgun is what they called a super choke system with interchangeable chokes tubes ..but you can not shot slugs out the shotgun barrels
    i looked up the price for one and it was $.4500.dollars brand one web site that i looked up the price

    but the guy put down a $.3000.dollars .for the guy to order it,

    the dealer here in the gun store is leting have it for the rest of the amount of $.1000.dollars out the door.

    i was thinking that would be a good field gun for hunting deer and small game birds there in alaska..

    so what you think i have to give the guy call in the morning for to tell him if i what it or not before he put out the display case for sale

    it handles like a dream with it comeing up to the shoulder like it was hand bult for me by hand..

    the rifle shotgun combo is one sweet rifle for less than about $.1200..oo total with scope and hardshell travel case

    i looked up the scope that it has mounted on the unit and the scope alone is worth about $.1200.00 dollars

    iam going into the bank when it opens and getting the money out of the account and puting onto the rifle for to pick it in the morning

    do think it would be a good hunting rifle and shotgun set up for deer and other game in the southern part of alaska area

    ps i just called jeff and i would be there in the morning he was laughing
    and said i was had a look like a kid in the candy store when i was handleing the blaser

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    Blaser makes a fine rifle but there is something wrong here if a guy puts that kind of money down and can't be found. He may have had an accident an/or be seriously ill.
    What else has the store owner done to try and find the guy? Did he fill out a 4473 when he gave the deposit.


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      they have did all that
      the store owners have tried many times to call this person and even sent a letter to the guy home here in the town in texas and have went over to the guy house a couple of times ..
      left notes for him to call the shop to pick up the rifle for it was in
      it like the guy just fell off the face of the earth here in the town
      i went by the address that the guy has on the form and left my card on the door of the house to call me
      the people next door told me that the guy has not been home in over 60 days now and no one has seen him or heard from him..
      the house looks like it was just packed up and left there for the bank to come and get it
      the house was a mess it looked like some one just came though and got the cloths and left the rest of the things there..
      i tried his phone number and got a voice mail recording set up
      i ran his name though the system and nothing comes up or hits on it
      i have it at the house sitting on kitchen table right now and i told the store owners that if does not come to store by friday afternoon at 12.noon iam keeping it no matter what happens after that
      i have not yet shoot it to zero the sights and the scope set up yet so iam waiting intill friday..
      then sat morning off to the range to see what it can do
      the only thing i could think it was about two months ago there was a big raid on local meth makers and dealers here in our little part of texas and a lot people got away from it and are on the run right now.


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        the gunstore is two towns over from me and the guy lives in the town where the gunstore is at ..
        so not that hard to swing by and tell someone that the rifle is in the town
        for the town is only about 2600 people total in the town ..
        so a stop on the way home and a knock on the door of the house and hey your rifle is in ..
        that what they did from me when my howa came into the shope that day
        so not that hard for the store owners to tell you or to see you around the town at the bank or in local wally world that your rifle is in
        i see them two at the local wally world all the time here in own small part of texas


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          Henry, do not pass that up.These are great firearms.Here is my BBF97 in 6.5X55/20 gage.

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            it siting on my kitchen table as i write this post ,,
            i have all the photo copys of the paperwork that the gunstore has sent the guy to the address that he has given
            on the form and plus have made notes about going over the house to see if the guys was home
            my bud deano thinks that the guy is not comeing back to area so why not have something that is nice for a change,..


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              Thats a once in a lifetime deal They are great rifles. What glass is on it?


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                it a Schmidt& variable power scope with a set of qiuck on off typle scope mounts set up
                iam also picking up a aimpoint -red-dot-x-fixed 2.x-power scope for close range bush typle hunting with same typle of mounts for the rifle..
                from what i read so far of the book that came with the rifle ..
                you can not shoot slugs out of the shotgun barrel it has a set of interchangle typle chokes for diff game birds set up..
                i want to try on turkey and a dove and pheasnet typle birds to see if works on them ,..
                i know that the rifle will bring down diff sized game with the right bullet typle
                you can get a set of german houge style rubber forend and stock set up for the rifle to change out the wood to keep the wood in better shape for the future as need

                part two
                so tell me what typle of game birds do you have in the southern part of alaska
                i know there water fowel typle of hunting there but is there is any typle of game birds other than water fowel


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