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    Would this be a good starter round for a youth, or small stature woman?

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    IMHO I would think it might be a little "stout" as a starter for either youth or small stature woman. You might want to check out the .243, probably this would be a better fit.
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      Agreed. 280 recoil is pretty close to 30.06 a 243 would be a better choice and Remington makes it in Youth Model. My son has one that he won in a Youth Hunt Raffle and I "borrowed" it to use on a Javelina hunt in February in lieu of toting my old Remington 788 in 22-250.
      Another low recoil round is the 260 Remington. The 7-08 and 6.5x55 are worth looking into too.
      Have them practice as much as possible with 22's to get the basics down, breathing, trigger control, scope to eye position etc before shooting a bigger round and for the first dozen or so rounds have them shoot from a standing position to lessen the felt recoil.


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        My wife wanted something light yet capable of taking moose and caribou, she did not care for the recoil of my 30-06.

        She is 5'9" and 135lbs. I purchased a .280Rem Winchester Featherweight and mounted a Burris compact fixed 4x on it, shortened the stock and put a Pachmeyer Decelerator recoil pad on it.It is a pretty nice set up and she likes it .

        Now here is the clincher, because the .280 is a fair amount lighter than my 06' it recoils ( or so it feels to me) about the same. I never mentioned that to her and I dont think she notices due to her mental image between the 2 calibers and rifles.

        I dont think it would be a bad choice, the youth certainly will grow into it down the road. The lady may not be bothered by it. Additionaly, bench rest shooting at the range lets one experience the full recoil of the rifle which can be unpleasent for some. Field or hunting situations are another story, adrenaline, shooting position etc.

        Maybe someone you know has a rifle you borrow for a range day to see what the youth and lady think of it.

        I agree the .243 should be considered, also the 7x57, 257 Roberts, 7mm-08 or 65.mmx55 I think are good rounds for them. 7-08 and 6.5x55 in particular.


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          .270 win

          seems .270 win ammo is in most villages or camps, if you happen to loose some in transport.
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            You've helped me to pick the 7mm08 I was leaning that way, but am unfamiliar with the 280, hence the question. Thanks for all the replies.


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              Good choice. Have you looked at the Kimber Montana's? They chamber for the 7mm-08 cartridge.


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                I bought a Remington model7 youth yesterday.


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