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  • .358 Norma Mag.

    Was wondering if anyone out there with a .358 Norma would care to share any reloading information, specifically for Swift A-Frames.



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    I reload for mine. Note, the load listing I'm about to give you is a MAX load, straight from the book. I'm hitting 3,000 fps+ out of my rifle with a 26" barrel.

    225-grain Swift A-Frame
    78 grain H4350


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      358 Norma

      I have had two different 358's and one gave 2841 fps with 78.0 grains of H4350 and Fed 215 primers in Norma brass and the 250 grain A-frame, from a 24" bbl. The other gave 2764 fps from a 25" bbl but only 76.5 grains of H4350. H4350 or RL-19 (or Norma N204) are great powders for this one. The Norma factory 250 grain load is 77.8 grains of what looks like N204 powder and gives 2820 fps. A good starting point for these powders is 75.0 grains and a good 250 grain bullet.

      The 225 grain bullets can be driven to about 3000 fps as Matt stated and that is a lot of punch. I do prefer the higher SD of the 250's. I have used IMR 4831 for the big Norma but like RL-19 and H4350 best.
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        358 Norma

        I had one in a post 64 push feed model 70.

        That gun had a 20 inch barrel and really liked one particular load.

        78.0 Grains of IMR 4350 behind a 250 grain Speer Spitzer flat base. I used a CCI 250 primer.
        Over my chronograph that load averaged 2720 fps and only had a 9fps spread. It also shot a 2.7 inch group at 300 yards.

        79 grains would get me 2880 fps, but the group opened up.

        Nroma factory loads did 2685fps for the 250 grain load.

        I tried the Seirrra 225 grain boat tails with 79 grains of IMR 4350, but the velocity was actually lower than the 250 grain flat base slugs and the group was terrible. Something about the barrel in that gun liked the flat base bullets of heavier weight.

        I tried some 275 grain Barnes bullets and they shot pretty good with 75.5 grains. The average was 2590fps.
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