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Lever Action Remington?

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  • Lever Action Remington?

    Hey Sports Fans! Was out checking the local shops, and ran across this little gem last weekend. Remington's only lever action production gun...Kinda neat, shoots well, but too stinking light. Now I just have to keep my eyeballs peeled for the little Nylon bolt gun they made.....

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    think i have it

    I own a remington model 11, in .22 caliber.Its very light ,bolt action,comes with a plastic stock and is clip fed.Saw it at a gun shop a few years back,and I had to have it for my collection.At the same time I picked up a Weatherby .22 in semi auto.Beautiful gun.Kinda neat you can go from semi auto to single shot.


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      That'd be the one!

      I think I've only perhaps seen a couple of the 11's. The shop that I picked this up at has one of the 77's, the clip fed 66 semi auto, might have to go see what the 'real' friendly price is on that one. Guess a fella can't really have too many .22's, can he?


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        another neat .22

        another little neat .22 i have is a MAS model 45 in .22 caliber.If my information is correct it was made in france from 1945-46,to be used as a trainer for the army.It has the feel of a full size gun.The bolt and safety are like what you would find on a mauser type action.It has a parkerized finish, and is clip fed with a 5 round magazine.It came with a very nice set of sights on it adjustable out to 150 yards.I think its pretty unique.Anybody have any more info on this model .22?


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