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  • Sako 85 Finnlight 300 WSM Update

    I thought I would share my experinces with this rifle to date, with the forum. I purchased this rifle last year, worked up some loads with Barnes 168 TTSX's, Nosler 180 E-Tips and 180 Henson Aluminum Tipped (HAT's - wildcats) using H4350, Norma brass and Fed GM215M primers.

    I used the initial test loads to determine max loads and to break the barrel in. After finding the max loads for these bullets, I started at max and worked back down to find the most accurate loads. I also experimented with seating depth.

    The results were very disappointing. I was getting on average 1 1/2 - 4 MOA accuracy, and that was sporadic. After about 100 rounds down the tube from load development and accuracy testing I called the dealer and arranged to return it to be shipped back to the factory following hunting season. I also tried some Fed factory ammo, 180 blue box SP's and Premium 180 AB's (about 12 rounds each). The results were about the same. I did shoot 3 antelpoe and a cow elk with the rifle and after the season took it back to the dealer who sent it in.

    After a little more than 2 1/2 months later (kind of a long time), I got it back from the factory with papaer work saying they had performed some safety checks, cleaned the rifle, put a scope on it, and test fired it. They said they fired one sighter shot and then a 5 shot group with Winchester 180 Power points. The group measured .9" - their 5 shot guarantee is 1". They also sent a "computer generated" target that duplicated the group along with other invo such as velociteis, etc.

    They also sent me cleaning instructions :rolleyes: which I assume was to imply, that if I was having accuracy problems it was likely due to a dirty bore :cool: During the break in I cleaned the bore after each shot for 13 shots, and thereafter, after each three shot group for load and accuracy testing foe most of the testing. I did fire a couple of longer strings, up to 18 rounds, later in the testing, and after 12 each of the Fed factory ammo. I'm guessing that bore was carefully cleaned about 25-30 times and was spotless when sent back to the factory.

    OK... so I take the rifle out this morning to see how it is shooting. I bought some of the same ammo that the Sako guys used, (Win 180 Powerpoints) for the test, plus the left over Fed stuff and my handloaded E-Tips. I also went with a friend to let him shoot a group as well.

    The results weren't great, but much better. I shot 2 sighters for my zero and then began to shoot for group. I shot a 5 shot group with the PP's that measured 1.355", then my friend shot another 5 shot group with the same ammo that measured 1.177". Not too bad, and fairly consistant so far. Then I shot 5 of the AB's that measured 2.44"... not good. Then I shot 5 of my E-Tips that measured 1.09". Not bad and there was one "flyer" that if thrown out left the group at .75". I was also very happy with the ES of the E-Tip group which was 10 FPS. The velocities were...


    for an average of 2982.4

    I don't think their "cleaning" of the rifle had anything to do with the improved accuracy. I cant say for sure, but I suspect that there may have been some tweeking of some kind during the "saftey checks" of the rifle. Who knows???

    I should also note, that I called the Barreta rep after getting the rifle and paperwork back and expressed my concern of their apparently finding and doing nothing tio the rifle other than cleaning an already clean bore. He was very polite and told me to send it back if I had anymore problems with it.

    One last thing... I borrowed my friends Boretech Eliminator bore cleaner to clean between groups today and it worked great. It is amonia free and quick acting - no time needed to let it soak. I will still use Wipeout at home, but on the range I think I will be using the Boretech.

    Hope you found these experiences informative if not interesting.


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    Where do you get Bore Tech Eliminator and Wipe-Out here in Alaska? I tried to order from Midway but it is classified as Haz-Mat.
    Thanks, Doug in AK
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