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  • Targets?

    I draw my own on the backs of cereal boxes, (gives me something to do when INET is down) & saves me money...I tape them to card board boxes & fill them with sand or snow in order to keep them still, place them on wood blocks, & fire away...I use the Leupold block pattern, as that is what I first used on the Rabbit Creek rifle range to sight in my rifle for the first time, & found that using the blocks pretty effective at long ranges to fit the thick part of the reticles...This get's tedious, & it's eaisier to buy them, but I just love the way they look when I am done, especially when fully square..>

    I really like the blaze orange diamonds as if you hit them, you can tell where you hit from far away, instead of trying to guess...what are those called?

    What targets do you prefer, & where do you buy yours?

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    I buy my targets from Law Enforcement Targets.

    I use many different ones, including the photo realistic ones. My favorite "plain" paper silhouettes are the VSRT, SEB, and IALEFI-QP.

    But I use the IDPA practice (paper version of the cardboard target) and the classic B-27 more than anything else.
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      I drink a lot of coke so I take the old 24 pack boxes and open them up. I then place 5 targets on the back made from 2 squares each of black duct tape. I place the squares diagonal to each other with the corners almost touching. I then made a stand that folds sideways that I can tuck under my arm, and also fits in the Jeep. I unfold the frame and staple the target on the target then prevents the frame from collapsing.


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        Ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder and nitromethane.
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          Interesting do you measure your groups?
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            By how loud the explosion is!
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